The Andersonville Irish

In the region of 250,000 Irish American men fought for the Union during the American Civil War. Some 180,000 of them had been born in Ireland; 70,000 more to Irish parents in Britain, Canada and the United States. Tens of thousands of them died. Many are interred in National Cemeteries up and down the United States, but there is one in particular where hundreds of them lie. It is in Andersonville, Georgia. The National Cemetery there almost certainly contains more Irish casualties from the American Civil War than any other location in the United States. The primary aim of this crowd-sourced project is to gather information on the identities and origins of the Irish Americans interred at Andersonville National Cemetery. By so doing, it hopes to bring the story of these men and their families to the fore, and gain further insight into the impact of the Civil War on Ireland and Irish America.

This Project wishes to gratefully acknowledge funding support received from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Consulate General of Ireland Atlanta


Camp Sumter—commonly known as Andersonville—was the largest military prison of the American Civil War and was that conflict’s deadliest location. The first prisoners did not arrive there until February 1864, but 45,000 men passed through its gates before it finally closed in May 1865. It operated at its greatest—and deadliest—capacity between February 1864 and the Federal occupation of Atlanta the following September. Originally encompassing 16.5 acres of land enclosed by a 15-foot stockade, in June it was enlarged to 26.5 acres. In that month, 26,000 prisoners were being held in a stockade designed to hold just 10,000. By August 1864 there were 33,000 men in the camp, which had few facilities and little shelter. Of those who crossed the “deadline” into Andersonville, almost 13,000 never came out. Hundreds were Irish Americans.  

Project Aims

The project intends to compile an extensive database of Irish American men interred at Andersonville (you can view a video exploring our early results here). In addition it aims to publish on some of their stories, both through the website and in print form. It is also hoped that in the future an appropriate memorial to the Irish Americans interred at Andersonville can be established, and to that end we are beginning discussions with friends including Professor Nicholas Allen of the Willson Center for Humanities and Arts at the University of Georgia, the National Park Service staff at Andersonville National Historic Siteand the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs. While the research element of the project is being run through Irish in the American Civil War, it is being supported by Nicholas and the Willson Center for Humanities and Arts, to whom we are extremely grateful. Thanks are also due to the National Park Service staff at Andersonville National Historic Site and the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs for their encouragement, advice and engagement to date. The primary investigative work to uncover the Andersonville Irish is being undertaken on a volunteer basis by Damian Shiels and Jackie Budell. 

This page consists of three elements. The Ireland Map displays known locations in Ireland associated with men interred at Andersonville National Cemetery. Where a precise location is known it has been marked, while for men where only a county of origin has been established, they are assigned to the relevant county town. Where possible, an image of the man’s gravestone at Andersonville National Cemetery has been included (the majority of which were taken by Kevin Frye of the Descendants of Andersonville Prison group and posted to Find A Grave). The Database below it contains the full current list of men of known Irish American origin at Andersonville National Cemetery, listed alphabetically. This working list currently contains hundreds of names. The final element of the page are blog posts that explore the stories of Irish Americans at Andersonville, and these will be added to as the project progresses.

How You Can Help

We are keen to hear from anyone who can add to the database and map, or who can offer suggested amendments (information that is suspected but not confirmed is followed by a “?” on the map and database). It is hoped that through public engagement the database of Irish American men will grow significantly in the months to come. If you have any information regarding Irish Americans interred at Andersonville, please email submissions to shielsheritage[at] In order for an individual to be fully confirmed as Irish American, we will need a basis for inclusion that is supported by documentary evidence, or extremely compelling circumstantial evidence. This might include information from a regimental history, census return, compiled military service record or pension file. It is intended that a regular update of the database and map will occur as the project proceeds. I hope you enjoy this resource, and please share it far and wide to see can we gain a greater understanding of just how many Irish Americans are interred at this important and poignant site.

The Ireland Map

You can examine the map below to see details of where some of the Irish Americans interred at Andersonville National Cemetery came from. Simply click on the map to begin exploring. If you have further information on where in Ireland a man who died at Andersonville may have been from, please contact us at shielsheritage[at]

*The map runs using WebGL. Google Chrome sometimes requires that you enable WebGL in your Google Chrome settings (instructions here). Alternatively explore the map using a different browser such as Firefox or Safari.

The Database

The database contains the current list of men with known (or strongly suspected) Irish American connections. Only men either born in Ireland or born abroad to Irish parents are included. The database is fully searchable and you can order the information in any way you please. 50 entries at a time are displayed, to move on the page click “Next” at the bottom of the table. If you have details of men who should be added to this list, please email us at shielsheritage[at]

Adams, Henry35 Indiana Infantry9584IrelandKerry
Ahern, Daniel170 New York Infantry4382IrelandCork
Allen, James A82 New York Infantry12452Ireland
Alward, Alfred23 Illinois Infantry11777IrelandKerry
Anglin, James66 New York Infantry11748Ireland
Atkinson, Patrick22 Michigan Infantry2461IrelandLimerick
Ball, Patrick49 Pennsylvania Infantry7347IrelandDublin
Ballantine, Robert16 Connecticut Infantry8018IrelandTyrone Glenlark
Barrett, Daniel13 New York Cavalry588IrelandCorkButtevant
Bartlett, Richard164 New York Infantry11612Ireland
Bass, George63 New York Infantry8217IrelandDublin
Beatty, John16 Connecticut Infantry3664Ireland
Behan, John43 New York Infantry3843Ireland
Bell, George5 New Hampshire Infantry8463IrelandDublin
Bell, William2 Massachusetts Cavalry8110Ireland
Bergin, Luke25 Massachusetts Infantry7134IrelandKilkenny
Best, William88 Illinois Infantry10681IrelandSligoAttycree
Biglin, Nicholas M2 United States Cavalry2436United StatesNew York
Bird, Martin7 New York Heavy Artillery12831Ireland
Bird, Patrick7 New York Heavy Artillery4780Ireland
Bodles, David7 New York Heavy Artillery4401IrelandAntrim Islandmagee
Bolton, Thomas43 New York Infantry7627Ireland
Bowlin, DanielBolin/Boland, Daniel183 Pennsylvania Infantry8075Ireland
Boyd, Stewart4 United States Cavalry5657IrelandMonaghan
Boyd, Thomas9 Pennsylvania Cavalry1300IrelandClare
Boyle, Patrick63 New York Infantry10Ireland
Boyle, Patrick43 New York Infantry8912Ireland
Boyle, Thomas16 New York Cavalry11974Ireland
Bracken, Denis56 Massachusetts InfantryIrelandOffaly Reynagh, Gallen
Bradish, Francis19 Massachusetts Infantry11902IrelandCork
Bradley, John69 New York Infantry5232Ireland
Bradley, Michael3 Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery874Ireland
Brady, Michael5 Pennsylvania Cavalry12096United States [Irish Parents]Pennsylvania
Brady, Peter25 Massachusetts InfantryIrelandRoscommonLisnhirka
Brady, Thomas C.27 Massachusetts Infantry3178Ireland
Brannagan, ChristopherBrannigan, Christopher2 Massachusetts Heavy Artillery12030IrelandDublin
Brannagan, James18 United States Infantry2434IrelandMonaghan
Brannigan, Michael17 Massachusetts Infantry3587IrelandMonaghan
Breen, AndrewMoriarty, Andrew2 United States Infantry5774IrelandKerry
Breen, Timothy2 Massachusetts Heavy ArtilleryCanada [Irish Parents]Prince Edward Island
Brennan, PatrickBrannan, Patrick11 New Jersey Infantry2181United States [Irish Parents]New York
Brennon, MichaelBrennan, Michael14 Connecticut Infantry2833Ireland
Broderick, WilliamUSS Montgomery3475IrelandLimerickAbbeyfeale
Brody, MichaelBrophy, Martin5 Kentucky Infantry3228Ireland
Brogan, James N.85 New York Infantry12002United States [Irish Father]
Brown, Alexander56 Massachusetts Infantry2641Ireland
Brown, David18 Massachusetts Infantry6057Ireland
Brown, Henry12 New York Cavalry1879Ireland
Brown, Henry13 Michigan Infantry9240United StatesNew York
Brown, JamesBrowne, James170 New York Infantry6691Ireland
Brown, JnoBrown, James11 Massachusetts Infantry9660IrelandKilkenny
Brown, John25 Massachusetts Infantry6177IrelandDerry
Brown, Joseph125 New York Infantry1887Ireland
Brown, Joseph12 United States Infantry11577Ireland
Bryan, Patrick3 Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery3055IrelandMayo
Buckley, John1 New Jersey Infantry2577Ireland
Buckley, John28 Massachusetts InfantryIrelandCork
Burk, JamesBurke, James1 Rhode Island Cavalry3647Ireland
Burke, Henry16 Connecticut Infantry12152Ireland
Burke, James15 New York Heavy ArtilleryIreland
Burke, John90 Pennsylvania Infantry4500Ireland
Burke, John1 United States Light Artillery7717IrelandTipperary
Burke, John M.69 New York Infantry5196Canada [Irish Parents]
Burke, Joseph H.2 Massachusetts Cavalry1251Ireland
Burnes, JohnBurns, John99 New York Infantry924IrelandCork
Burns, Daniel5 New York Heavy Artillery5991IrelandNewcastle
Burns, James J4 Pennsylvania CavalryIreland
Burns, John7 Vermont Infantry12185Ireland
Burns, Michael3 New York Cavalry8745Ireland
Burns, MichaelByrnes, Michael72 Ohio Infantry11313Ireland Kildare
Burns, Owen13 Pennsylvania Cavalry2026IrelandMonaghan Magheracloone
Burns, Patrrick3 New Jersey Cavalry5357Ireland
Butler, James2 New York Cavalry10848IrelandLimerick
Butler, Thomas132 New York Infantry721Ireland
Byrne, James69 New York Infantry9790Ireland
Byrnes, John1 Massachusetts Heavy Artillery9868IrelandRoscommon
Cain, Patrick15 United States Infantry11268IrelandMayoKilmeena
Callaghan, Hugh34 Ohio Infantry3002Ireland?
Callahan, Cal39 Illinois Infantry6356IrelandCork
Callahan, James1 Rhode Island Light Artillery3810United States {Irish Parents]
Callahan, Jerry11 Connecticut Infantry11175Ireland
Callahan, Michael52 Pennsylvania Infantry9886Ireland
Callahan, Patrick11 Kentucky Cavalry1687IrelandLimerick
Calligan, MichaelColligan, Michael12 Kentucky Cavalry966Ireland
Callihan, JeremiahCallahan, Jeremiah57 Massachusetts Infantry7230IrelandKerryKilcummin
Callihan, Robert57 Massachusetts Infantry3158IrelandKerry
Calner, MichaelCalnan/Callanan, Michael35 Indiana Infantry10905IrelandGalway
Campbell, Frank3 Pennsylvania Heavy ArtilleryIreland
Campion, Edward F16 Connecticut InfantryIreland
Canning, Henry2 Delaware Infantry9004United States [Father Donegal]
Carey, Thomas65 New York Infantry11512IrelandCork
Carling, MichaelCarlin, Michael1 Maine Cavalry7746United States [Irish Parents]
Carpenter, Patrick1 Rhode Island Cavalry1339United States [Irish Parents]
Carr, William125 New York Infantry5673United States {Irish Parents]
Carragher, John8 New York Cavalry9040Ireland
Carroll, James69 New York Infantry4139Ireland
Carroll, John J115 Illinois Infantry666IrelandDublinPhoenix Park
Carroll, Patrick95 New York Infantry10293Ireland
Carroll, Patrick100 New York Infantry11331Ireland
Carroll, Thomas132 New York Infantry2061Ireland
Carroll, Thomas1 New York Cavalry12339Ireland
Carroll, WilliamCurran, William42 New York Infantry12015IrelandDublin
Cary, ThomasCurry, Thomas83 New York Infantry10872IrelandCavan
Casey, James15 United States Infantry5156IrelandLimerick
Casey, John19 United States Infantry11176IrelandLimerick
Casey, Mathew59 Massachusetts InfantryIrelandMonaghan
Casey, PatrickKey, Patrick174 New York Infantry5271Ireland
Cassidy, John9 Minnesota Infantry10724United States [Irish Father]
Cavanaugh, John1 Wisconsin Cavalry5102United States {Irish Parents]
Cavanaugh, Patrick16 United States Infantry3126IrelandLimerickNewcastle West
Caveny, MichaelMonahan, Martin83 New York Infantry11640IrelandMayoBallina
Christy, James19 New York Cavalry10612Ireland
Clabby, John17 Massachusetts Infantry3016IrelandLeitrim
Clancey, RobertClancy, Robert164 New York Infantry3449Ireland
Clancy, ThomasGlancy, Thomas59 Massachusetts Infantry10918Ireland
Clark, Robert J114 Illinois Infantry12672Ireland
Clary, Patrick1 Connecticut Cavalry7348United States {Irish Parents]TipperaryKilmore
Claxton, William169 New York InfantryIreland
Clinton, Thomas102 New York Infantry12471Ireland
Clyens, JosephClynes, Joseph147 New York Infantry5955IrelandMonaghanInniskeen
Cochran, John126 New York Infantry7992Ireland
Colean, Michael4 United States Cavalry8570Ireland
Coleman, Patrick2 New York Heavy Artillery10553Ireland
Collins, David1 Maryland Infantry10600IrelandConnaught
Collins, Michael 101 Pennsylvania Infantry8121Ireland
Collins, ThomasUSS Southfield6201United States [Irish Parents]
Collins, William88 Pennsylvania InfantryRAIDEREngland [Irish Father]
Conaghan, Manus115 Pennsylvania Infantry5484IrelandDonegal
Condon, Thomas22 New York Cavalry3509Ireland
Conlan, Daniel5 New York Veteran Infantry10699Ireland
Conlin, JohnConlon, John125 New York Infantry9619Ireland
Conlkin, James59 New York InfantryIrelandLaois
Connell, John14 United States Infantry8161Ireland
Connell, John13 Indiana Infantry10084IrelandKerryBallycarbery
Connelly, Michael4 New Hampshire Infantry8551IrelandLongford
Connelly, William H.55 Pennsylvania Infantry6395IrelandLimerick
Conner, DennisConnor, Dennis17 Massachusetts Infantry12844IrelandAntrim Belfast
Conner, PatrickConnor, Patrick11 New Hampshire Infantry2747Ireland
Conner, ThomasConnors, Thomas9 Massachusetts Infantry11575Ireland
Connolly, Patrick164 New York Infantry5528Ireland
Connor, JeremiahUSS Canandaigua7508IrelandKerryVentry
Connor, JohnConnors, John11 Massachusetts Infantry6673IrelandTipperary
Connors, EdwardO'Connor, Edward43 New York Infantry10006Ireland
Conroy, Peter99 New York Infantry1995IrelandKerry
Copeland, John57 Massachusetts InfantryIrelandLaois
Cornor, CorneliusConnor, Cornelius2 Delaware Infantry10868Ireland
Cotter, J.P.Cotter, John99 New York Infantry12434IrelandCork
Cotter, William16 Connecticut Infantry10272Ireland
Cottrell, Robert25 Massachusetts InfantryIrelandCork
Coughlin, Bartholomew56 Massachusetts Infantry6724IrelandCork
Courtney, Patrick126 New York Infantry1197Ireland
Coyle, Hugh8 Pennsylvania Cavalry2399IrelandDonegal Muineagh, Fanad
Coyle, Michael79 Pennsylvania Infantry8512United States [Irish Parents]Tyrone Donoughmore
Coyne, Morris95 New York Infantry11158Ireland
Craig, Thomas93 Illinois Infantry10037Ireland
Craig, William16 Connecticut Infantry7646Ireland
Crane, Michael23 Illinois Infantry2329IrelandMayo
Crawford, James14 Connecticut Infantry775Ireland
Crawford, Mathew14 Pennsylvania Cavalry4353IrelandAntrim
Cronin, John W1 Massachusetts Heavy Artillery7619IrelandCork
Crosby, John90 Illinois Infantry12433Ireland
Crosby, Michael1 Maryland Cavalry4182Ireland
Crossin, Eugene9 Massachusetts Infantry5248United States [Irish Parents]
Crow, FrankCrowe, Frank115 New York Infantry11269IrelandLimerickDoon
Crowley, Charles2 New York Heavy Artillery11297IrelandCork
Crowley, DivineCrowley, Timothy D.1 Vermont Heavy Artillery9724United States [Irish Parents]
Crowley, Patrick59 Massachusetts Infantry6315Ireland
Cuff, James20 Michigan Infantry6263United States [Irish Parents]
Cullen, Michael7 Connecticut Infantry4367United States [Irish Parents]
Cullen, Michael16 Connecticut Infantry7418Ireland
Cunningham, James170 New York Infantry5476IrelandCorkBandon
Curley, Michael11 New Jersey Infantry715IrelandGalway
Curley, Patrick125 New York Infantry1204Ireland
Curran, Francis58 Massachusetts Infantry7853IrelandDerry
Curren, Owen38 Illinois Infantry3393IrelandTipperary
Currin, William25 Indiana Infantry5722Ireland?
Curry, John146 New York Infantry3627Ireland
Curry, Richard73 Pennsylvania Infantry2349IrelandAntrim
Cusick, John7 New York Heavy Artillery10482Ireland
Cuthel, CCusick, John7 New York Heavy Artillery10482Ireland
Dagnan, Charles16 Connecticut Infantry5446Ireland
Daley, John28 Massachusetts Infantry787Ireland
Daly, Michael10 Missouri Cavalry1641Ireland
Daly, William5 New York Cavalry3577Ireland
Dannison, JohnDennison, John12 New York Cavalry4099Ireland
Davidson, Maxwell15 New York Cavalry6404IrelandDownKillinchy
Davis, George15 United States Infantry7049Ireland
Davy, Henry68 Pennsylvania Infantry4792IrelandMonaghan?Castleblayney?
Dean, Martin B.2 Massachusetts Heavy ArtilleryIrelandLaoisRathdowney
Delaney, Edward19 United States Infantry6955IrelandWestmeath
Delaney, John2 United States Infantry7241IrelandLaois
Delaney, Laurence D2 Illinois Light Artillery12311IrelandRoscommon
Delaney, Patrick83 Pennsylvania InfantryRAIDERIreland
Delany, ConnDelaney, Cornelius52 New York Infantry11206Ireland
Dennis, Thomas132 New York Infantry1489Ireland
Dennison, James14 New York Heavy Artillery7461Ireland
Dennison, John155 New York Infantry12257Ireland
Densmore, WilliamDinsmore, William9 Massachusetts Infantry7848IrelandAntrim Ballymoney
Dever, James19 Indiana Infantry9236IrelandDonegal
Deveron, JohnDavoran, John47 New York Infantry6641Ireland
Devine, George5 Maine Infantry7240IrelandTyrone
Devlen, LewisDevlin, Lewis110 Pennsylvania Infantry5023IrelandTyrone
Devlin, Charles35 Indiana Infantry4021IrelandTyrone Gortin
Devlin, Edward4 New York Heavy Artillery7598Ireland
Devlin, James12 New York Cavalry5502United States [Irish Parents]
Digman, LukeDignan, Luke35 Indiana Infantry10446Ireland
Dillon, Edward9 New Jersey Infantry7304Ireland
Doherty, Peter7 New Hampshire InfantryIreland
Dolan, Christopher8 Pennsylvania Cavalry3079Ireland
Dolan, Patrick19 United States Infantry5459IrelandMeath
Donahue, Patrick1 Vermont Cavalry5327Ireland
Donahue, Thomas1 Vermont Cavalry5927Ireland
Donlan, James27 Massachusetts Infantry3678IrelandWestmeathStreamstrown
Donlan, Michael2 United States Cavalry2495Ireland
Donneley, MatthewDonnely, Matthew10 New York Cavalry11357Ireland
Donnell, William4 New York Heavy Artillery12718Ireland
Donnelly, Patrick20 Pennsylvania Cavalry12399Ireland?
Donohue, Hugh2 Delaware Infantry6217Ireland
Donovan, John139 Pennsylvania Infantry2657Ireland
Donovan, John14 New York Heavy Artillery3081United States {Irish Parents]
Donovan, John27 Massachusetts InfantryIreland
Dooland, JohnDoolan, John6 New York Cavalry11805IrelandGalwayDunmore
Dooley, Patrick39 New York InfantryIreland
Doran, John M19 United States Infantry6297United States [Irish Father]
Doran, McEwen63 Pennsylvania Infantry1020Ireland
Doran, Patrick99 Pennsylvania Infantry5746IrelandArmaghTandragee
Dougherty, John7 Pennsylvania Reserves3985IrelandDonegal
Dougherty, John73 Pennsylvania Infantry8334Ireland
Dougherty, Michael51 Pennsylvania Infantry10193Ireland
Dougherty, Owen99 New York Infantry2052IrelandDonegal
Dougherty, Thomas8 Maine Infantry5615IrelandDonegal Carndonagh
Dougherty, Thomas90 Pennsylvania Infantry8579IrelandDonegalArdara
Douglass, Peter147 New York Infantry10356Ireland
Dowd, Daniel155 New York Infantry2809IrelandKerry Dingle
Dowdle, BartholomewDowdall, Bartholomew111 New York Infantry6149Ireland
Dowdle, Robert101 Pennsylvania Infantry4786Ireland
Downey, John A85 New York Infantry5705IrelandDerry
Downing, Michael10 United States Infantry8214IrelandKerry
Downs, Joseph8 Maine Infantry9624IrelandClare
Doyle, Hugh164 New York InfantryIrelandWexfordKilmyshall
Doyle, James120 New York Infantry4827Ireland
Doyle, James5 Rhode Island Heavy Artillery5670IrelandWaterford?Dungarvan?
Doyle, John10 New Jersey Infantry8440Ireland
Doyle, Michael7 New York Heavy Artillery9142United States {Irish Parents]
Doyle, Patrick65 Illinois Infantry12436Ireland
Doyle, William6 Maine Infantry1359Canada {Irish Parents]
Doyle, William17 Michigan Infantry3314Ireland
Driscoll, Michael52 New York Infantry699Ireland
Drun, ThaddeusDrum, Thaddeus155 New York Infantry2826Ireland
Duane, Thomas95 New York Infantry8669Ireland
Duff, Charles J8 Maryland Infantry181Ireland
Duffie, EdwardDuffy, Edward1 Wisconsin Cavalry1591Ireland
Duffie, JamesDuffy, James52 Pennsylvania Infantry9191Ireland
Duffy, James18 Massachusetts Infantry1512IrelandWexford
Duffy, John2 Massachusetts Heavy Artillery9251IrelandDonegal
Dugan, Thomas21 Connecticut Infantry4670United States [Irish Parents]
Dumphrey, Dennis100 New York Infantry3063Ireland
Dunn, James99 New York Infantry1695England [Irish Parents]SligoKilmactigue
Dunn, James40 New York Infantry7621Ireland
Dunn, John6 United States Cavalry914Ireland
Dunn, John69 Pennsylvania Infantry6778IrelandCavan
Dunn, Michael99 New York Infantry3234England [Irish Parents]SligoKilmactigue
Dunn, Owen126 New York Infantry919IrelandKildare
Dunn, Peter2 Massachusetts Heavy Artillery4471IrelandTyrone
Dwyer, Dennis7 New York Heavy Artillery10077Ireland
Dwyer, Philip67 New York Infantry10948Ireland
Dwyer, Stephen7 New York Heavy Artillery9716Ireland
Eagan, James55 Pennsylvania Infantry7657Ireland
Eagan, John125 New York Infantry2728IrelandOffaly Ferbane
Elliot, James69 Pennsylvania Infantry2794IrelandFermanaghDrummarraght
Emmet, William16 Connecticut Infantry11608Ireland
Emmitt, WilliamEmmett, William1 Delaware Infantry6677Ireland
Empey, Robert25 Massachusetts Infantry3300IrelandKilkenny
Evatt, Evalyn10 Ohio Cavalry341IrelandMonaghan
Fagan, MichaelFegan, Michael15 Wisconsin Infantry10234Ireland
Fagan, Philip D11 Connecticut Infantry12188Ireland
Fahey, John2 Rhode Island Infantry4672Ireland
Fahey, Michael69 Pennsylvania Infantry11261IrelandMayo
Fahy, John13 Pennsylvania Cavalry7579IrelandSligo
Fallon, PatrickFallan, Patrick3 New York Heavy Artillery1622IrelandOffaly Lusmagh
Farrell, George19 Massachusetts Infantry11908IrelandArmagh
Farrell, James12 United States Infantry1509IrelandLimerick
Farrell, James100 New York Infantry10259Ireland
Farrell, James FFarrell, Fergus1 Rhode Island Light Artillery4538Ireland
Farrell, John14 United States Infantry10665Ireland
Farrell, Joseph H5 New Jersey Infantry1522Ireland
Farris, John5 New York Veteran Infantry3452IrelandCavan
Fausett, John7 New Hampshire Infantry5240Ireland
Fegan, Owen23 Illinois Infantry6268IrelandDown
Fincuean, JohnFinnucane, John182 New York Infantry3869IrelandCork
Finley, Thomas [Fenelly]143 Pennsylvania Infantry6694IrelandTipperary
Finnegan, Patrick19 Massachusetts Infantry6723IrelandKerryKillarney
Finnerly, PeterFinnerty, Peter155 New York Infantry12507IrelandWestmeathBallymore
Fitzgerald, John38 Indiana Infantry3014Ireland
Fitzgerald, Michael145 Pennsylvania Infantry7575IrelandLimerick
Fitzgerald, Nicholas111 New York Infantry3569IrelandKerryKillahan
Fitzgerald, Thomas24 New York Independent Battery6453United States {Irish Parents]
Fitzgibbon, Thomas18 United States Infantry1243Ireland
Fitzpatrick, John10 New York Cavalry12400Ireland
Fitzpatrick, Matthew8 Michigan Infantry6983Canada [Irish Parents]
Fitzpatrick, Owen100 New York Infantry6961Ireland
Fitzpatrick, Patrick38 Illinois Infantry2210IrelandCavan
Fitzpatrick, Patrick10 New York CavalryIreland
Flanagan, Michael2 United States Infantry7167IrelandArmaghTandragee
Flanagan, Patrick4 United States Cavalry10839IrelandCavan
Flanigan, Edward7 New York Heavy Artillery7452United States [Irish Parents]
Flannery, John97 Pennsylvania Infantry11026Ireland
Flannery, John106 Pennsylvania Infantry11112IrelandClare
Flannigan, James5 Michigan Infantry5861Ireland
Flannigan, John42 Illinois Infantry9992IrelandDublin
Fleming, Murty17 Massachusetts Infantry286IrelandCarlow
Fleming, Robert4 Kentucky Cavalry2540Ireland
Fletcher, EdwardFlesh, Edward57 New York InfantryIrelandMeathWoodpole
Flinn, MorrisFlynn, Morris27 Michigan Infantry10275IrelandWaterfordWaterford Ciry
Flynn, James13 New York Cavalry11958United States [Irish Parents]
Flynn, Miles13 Pennsylvania Cavalry4586United States [Irish Parents]
Flynn, Patrick56 Massachusetts InfantryIrelandRoscommon
Flynn, Samuel76 Pennsylvania Infantry10667United States [Irish Parents]
Fogerty, Thomas2 New York Cavalry11362Ireland
Foley, John19 Maine Infantry1989IrelandCork
Folliard, Michael1 New Jersey Cavalry3938IrelandRoscommon
Ford, Michael83 Pennsylvania Infantry3088Ireland
Foster, James4 United States Infantry12312IrelandLimerick
Fox, Michael15 New York Heavy Artillery2830Ireland
Frahur, PatrickFrahar, Patrick2 Massachusetts Heavy Artillery10601Canada [Irish Parents]
Frame, WilliamFrain, William82 New York InfantryIreland
Friel, Daniel55 Pennsylvania Infantry11378IrelandDonegal
Furgeson, MichaelFerguson, Michael39 New York Infantry7498Ireland
Fury, John2 New York Heavy Artillery6995Ireland
Gaffney, James11 Massachusetts Infantry4333Ireland"Grannan"
Gallagher, Edward48 Pennsylvania Infantry6389United States {Irish Parents]
Gallagher, Fanigle [Farrigle/Fearghal]13 Pennsylvania Cavalry2060IrelandDonegal
Gallagher, Patrick21 Illinois Infantry1347IrelandLaois
Gallagher, Patrick16 Connecticut Infantry7057Ireland
Gallagher, PeterCorrigan, Peter47 New York Infantry6106IrelandCavanDrumgoon
Gallagher, Thomas101 Pennsylvania Infantry6328United States [Irish Mother]
Gallagher, William5 Pennsylvania Cavalry8448Scotland [Irish Family]
Gallavan, JGalvin, Thomas2 New York Heavy Artillery4699IrelandCork
Galleger, PatrickGallagher, Patrick58 Indiana Infantry8546Ireland
Galligan, Patrick18 Massachusetts Infantry9227IrelandCavan
Galliger, WilliamGallagher, William20 Indiana Infantry4347IrelandRoscommon
Gallivan, MichaelGalvin, Michael23 Michigan Infantry5716Ireland
Gardiner, Robert F.155 New York Infantry5251Ireland
Gardner, David25 Massachusetts Infantry7569Ireland
Gartland, John169 New York Infantry7044Ireland
Garvey, James95 New York Infantry7033Ireland
Garvey, William5 Rhode Island Heavy Artillery5562Ireland
Gavin, Patrick34 Massachusetts InfantryIrelandTyrone
Geary, James142 New York Infantry6868United States {Irish Parents]
Gerrity, Thomas106 Pennsylvania Infantry12377Ireland
Gibbons, JamesGibney, James99 Pennsylvania Infantry9884IrelandCavan? Parish Belle McCrea'
Gibbons, Michael6 Michigan Cavalry2928Ireland
Gillespie, Patrick36 Massachusetts Infantry7110IrelandCavan
Gillmore, Martin17 New York Infantry12345Ireland
Gilmartin, Andrew182 New York Infantry8351IrelandSligo
Gilroy, BernardKilroy, Bernard73 Pennsylvania Infantry1399Ireland
Gleason, John100 New York Infantry8563Ireland
Gleason, Thomas97 New York Infantry3946United States {Irish Parents]
Goffney, JohnGaffney, John104 New York Infantry2553Ireland
Goghan, WilliamGeoghegan, William35 Indiana Infantry8781IrelandMayo
Golton, Richard16 United States Infantry7335Ireland
Gooley, James7 New Hampshire Infantry4687IrelandKilkennyInistioge
Gordon, Robert69 Pennsylvania Infantry11806Ireland
Gorman, John126 New York Infantry8982Ireland
Gorman, Timothy3 New York Heavy Artillery2115Ireland
Grace, Thomas1 United States Light Artillery8857Ireland
Graney, Thomas2 Massachusetts Heavy Artillery9471Ireland
Gray, Patrick9 Connecticut Infantry4096IrelandLeitrim
Greer, John76 New York Infantry6863Ireland
Grenehan, John85 New York Infantry6651Ireland
Griffin, John40 New York Infantry3816Ireland
Hacket, PatrickHackett, Patrick2 Massachusetts Cavalry8056Ireland
Hackett, James12 New York Cavalry2623IrelandWaterford Aglish
Hagert, Daniel J72 Ohio Infantry12611United States [Irish Parents]
Haggerty, Henry R7 Pennsylvania Reserves11799United States [Irish Parents]
Haley, James13 United States Infantry8004Ireland Galway
Haley, William16 Massachusetts Infantry7408IrelandCork
Hall, Charles12 New York Cavalry2214Ireland
Halpin, Patrick5 United States Artillery1547IrelandLimerick
Halpin, Peter63 New York Infantry9253Ireland
Hamilton, Thomas Alexander6 New York Heavy Artillery6601IrelandCavanRyefield
Hammill, Hugh7 New York Heavy ArtilleryIreland
Hamstead, JohnHampstead, John5 Rhode Island Heavy Artillery3904IrelandKerry
Hand, Lawrence5 New York Cavalry1104Ireland
Hanley, Michael1 Massachusetts Cavalry6582Ireland
Hanley, Thomas5 Rhode Island Heavy Artillery12016Ireland
Hannon, John164 New York Infantry7929Ireland
Hardee, RichardHardy, Richard95 New York Infantry10101Ireland
Hardy, Hugh95 New York Infantry11149IrelandAntrim Belfast
Hare, Thomas27 Massachusetts Infantry12276IrelandCavanCootehill
Harkin, Michael60 Ohio Infantry10225Ireland
Harney, John12 United States Infantry9918IrelandGalway
Harper, Robert103 Pennsylvania Infantry10109United States {Irish Parents]
Harrington, John55 Pennsylvania Infantry3201IrelandCork
Harrington, Owen30 Indiana Infantry9933IrelandCork Rosscarbery
Harrington, Patrick71 New York Infantry1378IrelandDublinRingsend
Harris, John63 New York Infantry5550IrelandDown
Hart, John7 New York Heavy Artillery11524Ireland
Hart, John7 Pennsylvania Reserves11524Ireland
Hartnett, Maurice34 Massachusetts Infantry6923IrelandCorkMidleton
Harvey, Thomas10 New Jersey Infantry10212Ireland
Hassey, Michael73 Pennsylvania Infantry11194Ireland
Haughty, JohnHaughey, John69 Pennsylvania Infantry9904IrelandTyrone
Hayes, John6 New York Cavalry9080Ireland
Hays, WilliamHayes, William182 New York Infantry8022IrelandSligo
Healy, John63 New York InfantryIrelandCorkKillavullen & Annakisha
Heffernan, Daniel132 New York Infantry3155Ireland
Heney, HenryHeeney, Henry16 United States Infantry1585IrelandLeitrim
Hennesey, John28 Kentucky Infantry1760IrelandTipperary
Hennessey, John7 New York Heavy Artillery8177Ireland
Hennessey, Michael3 New York Heavy Artillery8336Ireland
Henry, James2 Massachusetts Heavy Artillery4604IrelandMayo
Herron, PatrickHerring, P145 Pennsylvania Infantry1562Ireland
Hester, John38 Illinois Infantry1906Ireland
Higgins, John43 New York InfantryIreland
Higgins, W.A.O'Higgins, William99 New York Infantry888IrelandCork
Hine, James6 Connecticut Infantry10033Ireland
Hogan, John63 New York Infantry11317Ireland
Hogan, Morris16 United States Infantry2209Ireland
Hogan, Patrick2 Massachusetts Heavy Artillery6907IrelandWexford
Hogan, Stephen19 Massachusetts Infantry6067IrelandKerry
Holden, Patrick2 Massachusetts Heavy Artillery6826Ireland
Holland, Patrick11 Massachusetts Infantry905IrelandCork
Hore, Richard16 New York Cavalry6114Ireland
Howden, Thomas28 Massachusetts Infantry7416IrelandCavan
Hoy, John100 Illinois Infantry11506United States {Irish Parents]
Hoye, JohnHoey, John9 New York Heavy Artillery6622IrelandDublinSwords
Hughes, John93 New York InfantryIreland
Hulpin, JohnHalpin, John134 New York Infantry11049IrelandLimerick
Hurley, Arthur57 Pennsylvania Infantry6845IrelandCork
Hurley, Dennis8 Maine Infantry4703IrelandCork Bandon?
Hurley, John52 New York Infantry4430Ireland
Hyde, Garrett42 New York Infantry11083Ireland
Hyland, Owen5 New Jersey Infantry7625IrelandKildareKilcock
Ivers, Thomas P106 New York InfantryIreland
James, Alexander4 Pennsylvania CavalryIrelandDonegal
Jennings, John6 New York Heavy Artillery8878Ireland
Johnson, JohnJohnston, John125 Illinois Infantry9458IrelandFermanagh
Johnson, RichardJohnston, Richard120 New York Infantry3427Ireland
Johnson, Robert111 New York Infantry8054Ireland
Jordan, Michael38 Illinois Infantry9153IrelandClare
Jourdan, BarneyJordan, Barney7 New York Heavy Artillery9528IrelandLongfordKilloe
Joyce, Austin90 Illinois Infantry2241Ireland
Joyce, Thomas22 New York Cavalry4047Canada {Irish Mother]
Kain, ThomasCaine, Thomas14 Connecticut Infantry7780Ireland
Kane, Hugh90 Illinois Infantry12052IrelandDublin
Kane, Patrick F.15 United States Infantry1662IrelandGalway
Kane, Thomas82 New York Infantry12170Ireland
Kavanagh, Joseph32 Massachusetts Infantry6183England [Irish Family]
Kearns, Thomas16 Connecticut Infantry10233United States [Irish Parents]
Keating, Michael7 Michigan Cavalry7164Ireland
Keating, Michael146 New York Infantry8452Canada {Irish Family]
Keating, Thomas83 New York Infantry4484Ireland
Keef, Patrick10 Indiana Cavalry12587Ireland
Keefe, JohnUSS Housatonic602United States [Irish Parents]Cork (Parents)
Keegan, Joseph183 Pennsylvania InfantryIrelandWicklow Bray
Keeley, JohnKelly, John75 Illinois Infantry7183Ireland
Kehoe, Moses8 Pennsylvania Cavalry2335Ireland
Kehoe, Thomas155 New York Infantry11756Ireland
Keily, William2 New York Heavy Artillery10341Ireland
Keleghan, CorneliusKellighan, Cornelius5 Rhode Island Heavy Artillery4866IrelandMonaghan
Kelley, David4 United States Infantry4271Ireland
Kelley, John S.16 United States Infantry912England [Irish Parents]
Kelley, PeterKelly, Peter73 Pennsylvania Infantry1875Ireland
Kelley, Peter B.14 Connecticut Infantry10677Ireland
Kelley, Thomas13 Pennsylvania Cavalry5443Ireland?
Kelly, Charles62 Pennsylvania Infantry8658United States [Irish Mother]
Kelly, FrancisKelly, Jeremiah19 Maine Infantry11586IrelandWaterford
Kelly, Henry S.13 Pennsylvania Cavalry238United States [Irish Father]
Kelly, JamesUSS Underwriter1546Ireland
Kelly, James40 New York Infantry6997Ireland
Kelly, Joseph4 New Jersey Infantry11100IrelandTyrone
Kelly, Mark2 Massachusetts Heavy Artillery8983IrelandGalway
Kelly, Michael63 New York Infantry10388IrelandKerry
Kelly, Patrick J. 106 New York Infantry9676Ireland
Kelly, Thomas14 Connecticut Infantry6748Ireland
Kelly, Thomas82 New York Infantry12209Ireland
Kelty, James1 Connecticut Cavalry7749Ireland
Kennedy, Bernard16 Iowa Infantry5378United States [Irish Parents]
Kennedy, James12 United States Infantry11949Ireland
Kennedy, John3 Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery10502IrelandTipperary
Kennedy, Michael38 Illinois Infantry5518IrelandKilkenny
Kennedy, Michael82 New York Infantry11425United States {Irish Parents]
Kennedy, William59 Massachusetts Infantry5708Ireland
Kenney, JohnKenny, John3 Massachusetts Cavalry6529IrelandTipperary
Kenney, Michael1 Delaware Infantry11410Ireland
Kenny, Luke99 New York Infantry239IrelandLongford
Kenwill, RichardKenwell, Richard5 New York Cavalry7403Ireland
Keogh, Peter132 New York Infantry1079Ireland
Kilbride, John15 United States Infantry3685IrelandDublin
Kiley, William2 New York Heavy ArtilleryIreland
Killoran, MichaelGilloran, Michael17 Massachusetts Infantry296Ireland
King, Francis82 New York InfantryIrelandSligo
Kinnealy, Thomas17 Massachusetts Infantry1754IrelandKerry
Kinney, JKenney, JohnUSS Water Witch3850Ireland?
Kinney, James76 New York Infantry8400United States [Irish Parents]
Kinney, MichaelSmith, William42 New York Infantry11558IrelandGalway Galway City
Kyle, William118 Pennsylvania Infantry7781IrelandTyrone
Lacey, Patrick12 New York Cavalry8447IrelandLaois
Lacy, Andrew27 Massachusetts InfantryIrelandDublin
Lahey, Patrick1 New York Mounted Rifles8956Ireland
Lahie, PatrickLahey, Patrick1 New York Cavalry10365Ireland
Lahiff, Denis82 New York Infantry12775IrelandKerry Ballylongford
Lane, Cornelius146 New York Infantry12214England [Irish Parents]
Lanigan, Michael13 Pennsylvania Cavalry3369United States [Irish Parents?]
Lawler, JohnLawler, James69 New York Infantry8162Ireland
Leahy, DavidLeahy, Daniel82 New York Infantry41Ireland
Leary, Cornelius83 Pennsylvania Infantry9291Ireland
Leary, Dennis2 Massachusetts Heavy Artillery2781Ireland
Lee, Cornelius5 Rhode Island Heavy Artillery6798IrelandLeitrim
Lee, James13 Pennsylvania Cavalry3545United States [Irish Parents]
Lennan, Michael13 Pennsylvania Cavalry753IrelandWaterford Cappoquin
Lennox, David9 New Hampshire Infantry6787Ireland
Lewis, James1 New York Light Artillery 8297Ireland
Linehan, Thomas125 New York Infantry7815Ireland
Little, George69 Pennsylvania Infantry10725Ireland
Little, John P.19 United States Infantry2774Canada [Irish Parents]
Little, Robert19 United States Infantry6561IrelandDown
Loftus, Frank12 New York Cavalry8246Ireland
Logan, BernardGroogan, Bernard90 Pennsylvania Infantry3489IrelandDerry Maghera
Logue, SLogue, Patrick26 Pennsylvania Infantry9085IrelandTyrone
Lovery, Francis14 New York Heavy Artillery10248Ireland
Lowery, James S.140 New York Infantry2568United States [Irish Parents]
Lowry, James49 Ohio Infantry834United States [Irish Father]
Lynch, Andrew6 Pennsylvania Cavalry549Ireland
Lynch, Daniel164 New York Infantry5772Ireland
Lynch, Hugh J3 Pennsylvania Cavalry10572IrelandDonegal
Lynch, Jeremiah22 Massachusetts InfantryIrelandCorkInchamore
Lynch, John56 Massachusetts Infantry3683Ireland
Lynch, Patrick99 New York Infantry931IrelandKerry
Lynch, Patrick43 New York Infantry6895Ireland
Lynch, Peter38 Illinois Infantry11467IrelandCavan
Lyons, Michael99 New York Infantry1427United States [Irish Parents]
Lyons, Thomas6 New York Heavy Artillery6156Ireland
Lyons, William35 Indiana Infantry4548IrelandKerry
Mackerel, James14 Pennsylvania Cavalry4635England [Irish Parents]
Mackin, Bernard23 Illinois Infantry3169IrelandLongford
Madden, Charles1 New York Cavalry4822Ireland
Madden, FurgusMadden, Fergus122 New York Infantry10506IrelandClareFeakle
Madden, John V.82 New York InfantryIreland
Madden, L.W.Madden, Loughlin96 Illinois Infantry5390Ireland
Madden, PeterMadden, Patrick155 New York Infantry3933Ireland
Maddigan, JohnMadigan, John125 New York Infantry11257IrelandLimerickKildimo
MaGuckin, AndrewMcGuckin, Andrew1 New York Cavalry4709United States {Irish Parents]
Maher, Daniel22 Michigan Infantry11582Ireland
Mahon, Edward56 Massachusetts Infantry4034Ireland
Mallely, Peter EUSS Montgomery3128United States [Irish Parents]
Mallen, PatrickMallin, Patrick7 New Hampshire Infantry11324Ireland
Mallich, MichaelMallick, Michael6 New York Cavalry7942Ireland
Malone, John16 Connecticut Infantry6342Ireland
Malone, Patrick123 New York Infantry9457IrelandRoscommon
Maloney, James73 New York Infantry11447Ireland
Maloney, Owen6 New Jersey Infantry3284IrelandClareTromra
Manahan, JohnMonahan, John73 New York InfantryIreland
Mangan, James24 Wisconsin Infantry1752Ireland
Mangin, Nicholas35 Indiana Infantry9856Ireland
Mangum, Michael7 New York Heavy Artillery2802United States [Irish Parents]
Manion, Patrick9 Vermont Infantry2394IrelandWeathersfield?
Mannex, MichaelMannix, Michael73 Pennsylvania Infantry6689IrelandClare
Manning, John15 United States Infantry10135IrelandCork
Manning, Thomas125 New York Infantry10540United States [Irish Parents]
Maroney, John1 Pennsylvania Cavalry3631Ireland
Maroney, William H.3 Pennsylvania Cavalry2056United States [Irish Parents]
Martin, Anthony12 New York Cavalry3441Ireland
Martin, John1 United States Cavalry5303IrelandConnaught
Martin, John16 New York Cavalry6293Ireland
Martin, John39 New York Infantry12208Ireland
Martin, Patrick99 New York Infantry9164IrelandCork
Matthews, Henry12 New York Cavalry4472IrelandArmaghTamhnach Mór (Tannaghmore West)
McAllister, James A125 New York Infantry10519United StatesNew Jersey [Family from Cladymore, Armagh]
McAlroy, JohnMcElroy, John43 New York Infantry4089Ireland
McArty, PatrickMcCarthy, Patrick132 New York Infantry1035Ireland
McBride, James20 Pennsylvania Infantry11305Ireland
McBride, Patrick2 Delaware Infantry12407Ireland
McCaan, JohnMcCann, John3 Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery5723United States [Irish Parents]
McCabe, Hugh12 Ohio Infantry5738United States [Irish Parents]
McCabe, James3 Pennsylvania Cavalry2409Ireland
McCabe, James88 New York Infantry4508Ireland
McCabe, James66 Ohio Infantry6478IrelandWicklowWicklow Town
McCabe, John12 New York Cavalry3233IrelandLongford
McCabe, Patrick12 New York Cavalry2517Ireland
McCabe, Peter2 New York Cavalry732United States [Irish Parents]
McCaffrey, James3 Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery5129United States [Irish Parents]Massachusetts
McCann, Bernard12 United States Infantry5634IrelandKilbarron
McCardle, Patrick16 Connecticut Infantry3516IrelandTyrone Auchnacloy
McCarren, JohnMcCarron/McCarrin/McCannon, John4 Pennsylvania Cavalry3691IrelandDerry
McCarthy, Dennis101 Pennsylvania Infantry5415Ireland
McCarthy, Timothy25 Massachusetts Infantry7823IrelandCork
McCartin, Laughlin9 New York Heavy Artillery7620Ireland
McCartney, Michael73 Pennsylvania Infantry1308Ireland
McCarty, DennisMcCarthy, Dennis155 New York Infantry3413Ireland
McCarty, DennisMcCarthy, Dennis2 New York Heavy Artillery4480Ireland
McCarty, Edward5 Kentucky Infantry7951IrelandCork
McCarty, FMcCarthy, Thomas [alias Callaghan, Thomas]USS Housatonic4324IrelandCork Ballyfeard, Novohal, Kinsale
McCarty, James99 New York Infantry5121United States [Irish Parents]
McCarty, JohnMcCarthy, John69 New York Infantry4759Ireland
McCarty, JohnMcCarthy, John6 Kentucky Cavalry8455IrelandCork
McCarty, MichaelMcCarthy, Michael69 New York Infantry8354Ireland
McCarty, Patrick132 New York Infantry1035Ireland
McCaughn, WilliamMcCaughen, William7 Michigan Cavalry12252Ireland
McCaully, JamesMcCauley, James14 Connecticut Infantry119Ireland
McCauseland, Robert1 United States Light Artillery5769IrelandTyrone
McCluskey, James16 Illinois Cavalry1315Ireland
McClusky, ThomasMcCluskey, Thomas139 New York Infantry8242United States [Irish Parents]
McColgan, Patrick99 New York Infantry1344United StatesBrooklyn
McCollum, Daniel57 New York Infantry8507Ireland
McComb, Robert16 Illinois Cavalry5724IrelandDerry Cumber
McConville, Daniel88 New York InfantryIrelandDownDrumgath
McCormack, Peter39 New York Infantry1433Ireland
McCormick, Hugh69 New York Infantry6697Ireland
McCormick, Hugh178 New York Infantry9018Ireland
McCormick, John155 New York Infantry3629Ireland
McCormick, John43 New York Infantry7441Ireland
McCormick, Michael93 New York Infantry11110Ireland
McCormick, Patrick43 New York Infantry10258Ireland
McCormick, William2 New York Heavy Artillery5203Ireland
McCotter, Wilson83 New York Infantry8685United States [Irish Parents]
McCourt, Hugh7 New York Heavy Artillery6012England [Irish Parents]
McCreery, John P.119 Illinois Infantry6513United States [Irish Father]
McCrink, John24 New York Independent Battery6203Ireland
McCune, Samuel88 New York InfantryIreland
McDavid, JohnMcDevitt, John5 New York Veteran Infantry10778IrelandDonegal
McDermott, John2 Massachusetts Heavy Artillery6162IrelandGalway
McDermott, PatrickUSS Montgomery6571Canada [Irish Parents]
McDermott, Peter164 New York Infantry6912Ireland
McDevine, MathewDevine, Mathew76 New York Infantry8126Ireland
McDevitt, James3 Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery4796United States [Irish Parents]
McDevitt, William25 Massachusetts Infantry4409IrelandDonegal
McDonald, Bernard52 New York Infantry7140Ireland
McDonald, James4 Kentucky Cavalry4550Ireland
McDonald, John11 New Hampshire Infantry11538IrelandCork
McDonald, OwenMcDonnell, Owen48 New York InfantryIrelandLouth
McDonald, Philip2 Massachusetts Cavalry430United States {Irish Parents]
McDonald, Thomas95 New York Infantry10002IrelandDublin
McDonnell, ThomasMcDonald, Thomas12 New York Cavalry12138Ireland
McDonough, Patrick25 Massachusetts Infantry7459IrelandSligo
McDowell, WilliamMcDonnell, William14 New York Heavy Artillery7259Ireland
McElroy, Edward10 New Jersey Infantry8017IrelandDownNewtownards
McElroy, John43 New York Infantry4089Ireland
McElroy, William13 Pennsylvania Cavalry10155IrelandAntrim
McEneany, Patrick7 New York Heavy Artillery9581Ireland
McFadden, Hugh1 Wisconsin Cavalry5163Ireland
McFadden, James39 New York Infantry4001IrelandDonegal Fahan
McFade, JamesMcFate, Jjames14 Pennsylvania Cavalry1151United States [Irish Parents]
McGee, James103 Pennsylvania Infantry4123United States [Irish Parents]Donegal (born Ohio, family Donegal)
McGeehan, John99 New York Infantry2665IrelandLimerick
McGill, Thomas9 Michigan Cavalry10423Ireland
McGinley, James7 Maine Infantry9538United States [Irish Parents]Parents from Castle Hill, Burt, Donegal
McGinn, John170 New York Infantry12478Ireland
McGinnus, PeterMcGinnis, Peter16 Michigan Infantry8590IrelandArmagh
McGiven, William158 New York Infantry2756Ireland
McGlinn, Hugh143 Pennsylvania Infantry6910Ireland
McGlue, SamuelMcGlue, Thomas11 Connecticut Infantry6451IrelandDublin
McGonagle, Barney16 Massachusetts Infantry4260Ireland
McGovern, Bernard34 Massachusetts Infantry6375Ireland
McGovern, James22 Massachusetts Infantry1984Ireland
McGowan, Frank170 New York Infantry8225United States [Irish Parents?]
McGowan, John2 Massachusetts Heavy Artillery2652IrelandFermanagh
McGowan, John17 United States Infantry12364Ireland
McGowan, Michael6 New York Heavy Artillery11116United States
McGowen, JohnMcGowan, John132 New York Infantry248Ireland
McGran, JohnMcGran, James3 Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery10396United States {Irish Father]
McGrath, David115 Ohio Infantry12782Ireland
McGrath, George H.61 New York Infantry11714Ireland
McGrath, Patrick52 New York Infantry354IrelandWaterford? (Watworth)
McGuire, Andrew58 Massachusetts Infantry5128Ireland
McGuire, Felix140 New York Infantry4995United States [Irish Father]
McGuire, James2 Vermont Infantry9352Ireland
McGuire, John12 United States Infantry7341IrelandFermanaghEnniskillen
McGuire, Owen2 Missouri Infantry12754Ireland
McGuire, Patrick100 New York Infantry3220IrelandLimerick
McHenry, James2 Massachusetts Heavy Artillery6460IrelandTipperary
McIntyre, Richard8 New Jersey Infantry3323IrelandFermanagh
McKane, Jas.McKenna, John19 Massachusetts Infantry12176IrelandTyrone
McKay Jr, Thomas2 Rhode Island Infantry7393Ireland
McKenna, John3 Rhode Island Heavy Artillery8305Ireland
McKenney, Bernard34 Massachusetts Infantry11849?IrelandLouth Cooley
McKenney, JohnMcKenna, John H.United States Marine Corps3054United States {Irish Parents]
McKenney, JohnMcKenna, John82 New York Infantry9390Ireland
McKenzie, John B.1 Delaware Infantry11570Ireland
McKeown, James69 Pennsylvania Infantry11909Ireland
McKerron, Edward1 Massachusetts Heavy Artillery11531Ireland
McKinley, JohnMcGonagle, John99 New York Infantry1168IrelandDonegal
McKinney, John90 Pennsylvania Infantry8627United States [Irish Parents]
McKnight, BernardMcKinght, Barney3 Massachusetts Cavalry5223IrelandLouth
McKnight, James118 Pennsylvania Infantry10993Ireland
McKone, John7 Connecticut InfantryIrelandGalway Clonfert
McLain, FelixMcLean, Felix17 United States Infantry5581IrelandDerry Coleraine
McLain, Theodore12 Pennsylvania Cavalry8158Ireland
McLaughlin, Bernard90 Illinois InfantryIreland
McLaughlin, Edward9 Massachusetts Infantry3174IrelandDonegalDesertegney
McLaughlin, EugeneUSS Southfield4800IrelandDonegal
McLaughlin, Owen9 New York Heavy Artillery10055Ireland
McLaughlin, Robert1 Delaware Cavalry8292IrelandTyrone
McLean, Henry7 New York Heavy ArtilleryIreland
McLean, William11 Connecticut Infantry4492Ireland CavanMunterconnaught
McLoughlin, BryanUSS Southfield6917United States [Irish Parents]
McLoughlin, John63 New York InfantryIrelandTyrone
McMahan, Michael93 Illinois Infantry4725Ireland
McMahon, William3 Wisconsin Light Artillery2732Ireland
McMann, OwenMcMahon, Owen13 New Hampshire Infantry11217IrelandCavanMountnugent
McManus, James77 Pennsylvania Infantry2653United States [Irish Parents]
McMohan, JamesMcMahon, James73 Pennsylvania Infantry1139Ireland
McNamara, Patrick17 Massachusetts Infantry522IrelandWaterford
McNamara, William7 New York Heavy Artillery9969Ireland
McNary, RichardMcNany, Richard27 Massachusetts Infantry5185United StatesMassachusetts
McNulty, Peter J2 Massachusetts Heavy Artillery11381Ireland
McNutty, MartinMcNulty, Martin85 New York Infantry5406Ireland
McQuillian, Alexander6 New York Heavy Artillery5868Ireland
McShane, Barney80 Illinois Infantry692Ireland
McSorley, Daniel49 Ohio Infantry6855Ireland
McSorley, James20 New York Cavalry8899Ireland
McTarsney, John93 Indiana Infantry10245Ireland
McWilliams, William17 Massachusetts Infantry5194Scotland [Irish Parents]
Mead, Patrick1 New York Light Artillery 3127Ireland
Meehan, Bernard2 Massachusetts Heavy Artillery5808IrelandGalway
Megan, JohnMegaw, John7 Maine Infantry5200Ireland
Melon, William106 Pennsylvania Infantry12103Ireland
Merrin, John99 New York Infantry1123IrelandDublin
Milan, JohnMoylan, John2 Massachusetts Heavy Artillery8631IrelandGalway
Milan, Thomas12 New York Cavalry6202IrelandTipperaryBallywilliam (Burgesbeg Parish)
Miller, Luke20 Massachusetts Infantry10169IrelandSligo
Miller, Matthew118 Pennsylvania Infantry1792Ireland
Moan, JamesMohan, James101 Pennsylvania Infantry4546Ireland
Moffet, JamesMoffat, James7 New York Heavy Artillery4121Ireland
Monaghan, John66 New York Infantry5720IrelandMonaghan
Monahan, John85 New York Infantry4441Ireland
Monohan, PeterMonaghan, Peter88 New York Infantry11537Ireland
Montague, BernhardMontague, Bernard35 New Jersey Infantry12234Ireland
Moody, Charles Richard100 New York Infantry8461IrelandKildare
Mooney, James50 Ohio Infantry4361Ireland
Mooney, James52 New York Infantry8417Ireland
Mooney, Patrick11 Kentucky Cavalry5691Ireland
Mooney, Timothy158 New York Infantry3651Ireland
Mooney, Thomas139 New York Infantry10886United States [Irish American]
Moore, Francis88 New York InfantryEngland [Irish Parents]
Moore, James27 Michigan Infantry7114IrelandDublin
Moore, James13 Pennsylvania Cavalry11459IrelandOffaly
Moore, John39 New York Infantry7767Ireland
Moore, John H60 Ohio Infantry7136United States [Irish Father]
Moore, Martin74 New York Infantry658United States [Irish Parents]
Moore, Thomas69 Pennsylvania Infantry7175United States
Moran, James4 United States Infantry12151IrelandWestmeath
Moran, Michael4 United States Artillery8670IrelandOffaly
Moran, Michael J3 Pennsylvania Cavalry7732Ireland
Moran, Thomas85 New York Infantry6565United StatesVermont
Moran, William12 Illinois Infantry7428Ireland
Morgan, Patrick23 Massachusetts Infantry8077IrelandDublin
Morris, Edmund7 New York Heavy Artillery4686Ireland
Morris, James99 New York Infantry11226IrelandAntrim Belfast
Morris, John70 New York Infantry6069Ireland
Morris, John183 Pennsylvania Infantry7333IrelandDublin
Morris, Michael57 Massachusetts Infantry10593IrelandTyrone Omagh
Morris, Robert28 Massachusetts Infantry1004IrelandWaterford
Morris, Thomas65 New York Infantry9944Ireland
Morrison, William69 New York InfantryIreland
Maroney, Joseph132 New York Infantry676Ireland
Morton, John34 Massachusetts Infantry5360IrelandDownPortaferry
Moylan, John51 New York Infantry6585IrelandGalway
Muhan, ThomasMeehan, Thomas120 New York Infantry1422Ireland
Mulcahee, ThomasMulcahy, Thomas35 Indiana Infantry3884IrelandTipperary
Mulcahy, Bartholomew99 New York InfantryIrelandWaterford
Mulcahy, David89 Illinois Infantry2834IrelandLimerick Murroe & Boher
Mulcahy, Dennis76 New York Infantry7997Ireland
Mulcahy, William42 New York Infantry11466IrelandCork
Muldourney, MatthewMuldowney, Matthew96 Pennsylvania Infantry4898Canada {Irish Parents]
Mulhall, PeterUnited States Marine Corps1471Ireland
Mulhern, Charles4 United States Cavalry6407IrelandDonegal
Mulholland, Arthur69 Pennsylvania InfantryIreland
Mullholland, John101 Pennsylvania Infantry1982Ireland
Mulholland, Robert183 Ohio Infantry12717United States {Irish Parents]
Mullaly, Michael5 New York Heavy ArtilleryIreland
Mullane, James82 New York Infantry12155Ireland"Maillon"
Mullen, Alexander59 New York Infantry10959Ireland
Mullen, James7 Pennsylvania Reserves10684Ireland
Mullin, CharlesMullen, Charles7 New York Heavy Artillery12240IrelandDerry Errigal
Mulry, DanielMurley, Daniel9 Massachusetts Infantry321United States [Irish Parents]
Mulvany, Patrick15 Massachusetts InfantryIreland
Murphy, Andrew G13 Pennsylvania Cavalry8027Ireland
Murphy, Charles17 Massachusetts Infantry7862IrelandCork
Murphy, Dennis B12 United States Infantry948Canada [Irish Parents]
Murphy, FrancisMurphy, Frank35 Indiana Infantry11680United StatesMichiganAnn Arbor
Murphy, James35 Indiana Infantry10891United StatesMichiganAnn Arbor
Murphy, John99 New York Infantry146IrelandLongford
Murphy, Lawrence170 New York Infantry5918IrelandWexford
Murphy, Martin2 New York Cavalry10199IrelandClare
Murphy, Patrick27 Massachusetts Infantry12783IrelandCork
Murphy, Patrick124 Ohio InfantryIreland
Murphy, Philip7 Massachusetts Infantry5488IrelandCork
Murphy, Richard95 New York Infantry11803Ireland
Murphy, Thomas61 New York Infantry5804Ireland
Murphy, William16 Connecticut Infantry11487IrelandLimerickBruff
Murray, James17 United States Infantry11008United StatesMichigan
Murray, Jeremiah47 New York Infantry11273Ireland
Murray, John13 Pennsylvania Cavalry1460IrelandMayoCastlebar
Murray, John63 New York Infantry11519United States [Irish Parents]
Murray, ThomasMulligan, Thomas1 United States Light Artillery1332IrelandLongford
Murray, Thomas19 Massachusetts Infantry5041IrelandRoscommon
Murrey, EdwardMurray, Edward158 New York Infantry3389Ireland
Murtaugh, John6 New York Cavalry11764Ireland
Nolan, Michael5 New York Heavy Artillery11533IrelandDonegalBallyshannon
Nolan, Patrick88 New York Infantry11356Ireland
Noonan, Edward16 New York Cavalry5050IrelandOffaly
Nugent, Timothy109 Illinois Infantry7086United States [Irish Parents]
O'Brian, WilliamO'Brien, William8 New York Cavalry1553United States [Irish Parents]
O'Brien, David89 Illinois Infantry10851Ireland
O'Brien, Jeremiah63 New York Infantry5439IrelandCorkButtevant
O'Brien, John37 Massachusetts Infantry2509IrelandLimerick [Married Kilkenny]
O'Brien, John2 Ohio Cavalry11349IrelandMayoCastlebar
O'Brien, Michael1 New York Cavalry9765Ireland
O'Brien, Patrick13 Pennsylvania Cavalry1318Ireland
O'Brien, William1 Vermont Cavalry704Ireland
O'Brien, WilliamUSS Nipsic2227United States [Irish Parents]Massachusetts [Parents married Limerick]Bruff
O'Brien, William H.7 Michigan Cavalry8511United States [Irish Parents]
O'Brine, JamesO'Brien, James2 Massachusetts Heavy Artillery7193IrelandCork Curraheen
O'Carroll, Timothy69 New York Infantry6270Ireland
O'Connell, James9 Massachusetts Infantry5116Ireland
O'Connell, John J.15 Massachusetts Infantry12189IrelandLimerick
O'Connell, Michael2 Massachusetts Heavy Artillery9789Ireland
O'Connell, Thomas24 Massachusetts Infantry9332IrelandClareCratloe
O'Connor, Michael35 Illinois Infantry3847IrelandKerryKillarney
O'Connor, Richard26 Iowa Infantry6959United States {Irish Parents]Roscommon
O'Connor, Thomas5 Indiana Cavalry7911Ireland
O'Connor, Thomas103 Ohio Infantry12024IrelandKerry
O'Connor, William29 Massachusetts Infantry11080IrelandMayo
O'Donnell, William11 Massachusetts Infantry11493IrelandCork
O'Dougherty, John51 New York Infantry2755IrelandDublin
O'Flagherty, ThomasO'Flaherty, Thomas16 United States Infantry9983IrelandLimerick
O'Gara, Dominick184 Pennsylvania Infantry7340Ireland
O'Hara, John150 Pennsylvania Infantry6535IrelandDublin
O'Hara, Michael101 Pennsylvania Infantry5339IrelandAntrim Ballycastle
O'Lary, Arthur108 Illinois Infantry10042Ireland
O'Mira, Daniel J.9 Illinois Cavalry10279United StatesIllinoisGalena [Family said to be from Carlow]
O'Neal, John22 Michigan Infantry5574Ireland
O'Neil, Charles25 Massachusetts Infantry7161IrelandLeitrim
O'Neil, Dennis25 Massachusetts Infantry4884IrelandLouth
O'Neil, Dennis16 Illinois Cavalry12911Ireland
O'Neil, Edward`164 New York Infantry8208Ireland
O'Neil, John69 Pennsylvania Infantry1897United States
O'Neil, John10 Vermont Infanty4300Ireland
O'Neil, John39 New York Infantry11404Ireland
O'Neil, John4 United States InfantryIrelandLimerick
O'Neil, Patrick22 New York Cavalry8973Ireland
O'Rafferty, John6 Ohio Cavalry10184IrelandKildareMaynooth
O'Reiley, PatrickO'Reilly, Patrick164 New York Infantry9122Ireland
O'Reilly, Philip2 New York Heavy Artillery7504Ireland
Ormond, Patrick23 Massachusetts InfantryIreland
O'Rourke, CharlesO'Rourke, Cormac109 Pennsylvania Infantry6908IrelandMayo
Osborn, WilliamOsborne, William19 Massachusetts Infantry4975IrelandLimerickKilteely
Osborn, William7 New York Heavy ArtilleryIreland
O'Sullivan, Patrick155 New York Infantry7728IrelandKerryKillarney
Pendleton, John69 New York Infantry2763Ireland
Pentland, George12 New York CavalryIreland
Percill, PatrickPurcell, Patrick101 Pennsylvania Infantry8877Ireland
Pertell, SimeonPurtell?, Simon47 New York Infantry4063Ireland
Pike, William5 United States Cavalry5729IrelandDublin
Pinion, John99 New York Infantry1532IrelandClare
Plunkett, John146 New York Infantry11379IrelandLongford
Pollock, Robert16 New York Cavalry4432Ireland
Powers, James44 Illinois Infantry3422Ireland
Powers, John6 New York Heavy Artillery6390IrelandWaterford Dungarvan
Price, Edward2 Massachusetts Cavalry2008Ireland
Priest, William132 New York Infantry1651Ireland
Pryor, Michael56 Massachusetts Infantry5404Ireland
Purcell, Michael1 Kentucky Cavalry12327Ireland
Quigley, John99 New York Infantry8227IrelandTipperary
Quinlin, PeterQuinlan, Peter120 New York InfantryIrelandOffaly
Quinn, James15 Massachusetts Infantry4218United States {Irish Parent]
Quinn, Michael12 New York CavalryIreland
Quinn, Peter52 Illinois Infantry10531United States [Irish Parents]
Quirk, Martin1 Massachusetts Cavalry12804United States {Irish Parents]
Rafferty, John2 Massachusetts Heavy Artillery4875IrelandArmaghKeady
Rafferty, Michael132 New York Infantry512Ireland
Rafferty, Peter5 New York Cavalry2534Ireland
Rafferty, Thomas5 New York Heavy Artillery11330Ireland
Ralston, John118 Pennsylvania Infantry11293IrelandUrney [Unclear whicgh county]
Ramsay, William7 New Hampshire Infantry2771Ireland
Ray, Andrew11 Connecticut Infantry8345Ireland
Ray, Christopher3 New York Cavalry10937Ireland
Reagan, Christopher27 Massachusetts Infantry12094IrelandCork Barrymore
Reardon, Dennis13 United States Infantry404IrelandCork
Reddy, R.V.Reddy. Peter8 New York Cavalry11695Ireland
Redmond, James3 New York Heavy Artillery2820Ireland
Redmond, James43 New York Infantry10467IrelandKildare
Reed, JacobRead, Jacob140 New York Infantry8574Ireland
Reidy, Jeremiah D65 New York Infantry6546Ireland
Reilly, Philip29 Missouri Infantry1348England [Irish Parents]Monaghan
Reynolds, Owen155 New York Infantry8209Ireland
Riley, CharlesO'Riley, Charles6 Michigan Cavalry3732United States [Irish Parents]
Riley, James73 New York Infantry12382United States [Irish Parents]
Riley, John176 New York Infantry5021Ireland
Riley, Michael1 New Jersey Cavalry2821IrelandMayo
Riley, Michael56 Massachusetts Infantry8642Ireland
Riley, Michael5 Rhode Island Heavy Artillery9413Ireland
Roach, FrancisRoche, Francis99 New York Infantry1775IrelandCork
Roark, James6 Ohio Cavalry11859Ireland
Robbins, Robert69 Pennsylvania Infantry3270Ireland
Roberts, James H.18 Massachusetts Infantry11552Ireland
Robinson, Alexander7 New York Heavy ArtilleryIreland
Rodgers, Michael43 New York Infantry4912Ireland
Roe, WilliamRowe, William2 Massachusetts Heavy Artillery5659IrelandGalway
Rogers, James132 New York Infantry3011Ireland
Rogers, ThomasRodgers, Thomas12 New York Cavalry6824Ireland
Ronan, John5 Michigan Cavalry5885IrelandWestmeathMayne
Rooney, CharlesRigney, Charles4 Pennsylvania Cavalry1218IrelandOffaly Tullamore
Rooney, Michael132 New York Infantry9102IrelandSligo
Rooney, Peter2 New York Heavy Artillery8922Ireland
Rooney, Terrance69 New York Infantry8667Ireland
Roper, Hugh16 Connecticut Infantry8662Ireland
Ross, Andrew1 New York Cavalry9751Ireland
Rourke, John66 New York Infantry4762IrelandLongfordNewtown Forbes
Rourke, John10 United States Infantry5984IrelandLongford
Rowey, JohnRoney, John152 New York Infantry9963Ireland
Ruth, Anthony100 New York InfantryIreland
Ryan, Daniel106 New York Infantry5094Ireland
Ryan, John95 New York Infantry8599Ireland
Ryan, Martin35 Indiana Infantry1440Ireland
Ryan, Michael89 Illinois Infantry2557Ireland
Ryan, Owen12 New York Cavalry7258Ireland
Ryan, Patrick160 New York Infantry13674IrelandLouth Carlingford
Salmon, PatseySammons?, Patsey18 Kentucky Infantry2063IrelandClare
Sarsfield, JohnSarsfield, James140 New York InfantryRAIDERIreland
Scahill, John7 New York Heavy Artillery10488IrelandLongfordKilcommock
Schools, NeilSchoales/Scullion, Neil27 Pennsylvania Infantry2259IrelandDerry
Shannon, Edward6 New York Heavy Artillery4446Ireland
Shannon, MorrisShanahan, Maurice9 New Jersey Infantry5807Ireland
Shaughnessy, James6 New York Cavalry6747Ireland
Shaw, Alexander3 New York Heavy Artillery290IrelandArmaghLoughgilly
Shaw, William140 Pennsylvania Infantry2982IrelandAntrim Carnmoney
Sheahan, James2 Massachusetts Heavy Artillery7481United States [Irish Parents]Cork
Sheehan, John170 New York InfantryIrelandLimerick
Sheehan, William7 New Hampshire Infantry5188Ireland
Sheridan, Michael103 Pennsylvania Infantry12676IrelandCavan Drumbade
Shiels, Richard132 New York Infantry720IrelandDublin
Short, John2 Massachusetts Heavy Artillery10946IrelandCork
Shortly, Robert164 New York Infantry5755Ireland
Shuhy, John42 Illinois Infantry4135Ireland
Simpson, David99 New York Infantry242Ireland
Skiddy, John2 Vermont Infantry6199Ireland
Small, Stephen51 New York Infantry12083United States {Irish Parents]
Smith, Francis99 New York Infantry1246IrelandCavan
Smith, Francis48 New York Infantry1819IrelandDublin
Smith, Hugh183 Pennsylvania Infantry11741United States [Irish Parents]
Smith, James20 New York Cavalry1245United States [Irish Parents]CavanBailieborough
Smith, John17 Massachusetts Infantry967IrelandDown
Smith, Patrick114 Illinois Infantry10975IrelandDublinSaggart
Stanley, JamesStanley, John9 New Hampshire Infantry5621Ireland
Steele, James C.164 New York Infantry4193Ireland
Steele, Samuel16 Connecticut Infantry5712Ireland
Sullivan, Dennis101 Pennsylvania Infantry1105Ireland
Sullivan, Edward69 New York Infantry640Ireland
Sullivan, George2 Massachusetts Heavy Artillery7401IrelandKerryDingle
Sullivan, Jerry5 Rhode Island Heavy Artillery6351IrelandKerry
Sullivan, JohnUSS Underwriter2010IrelandCork Blackrock (vicinity of)
Sullivan, John16 Massachusetts Infantry5957IrelandTipperary
Sullivan, John76 New York InfantryIreland
Sullivan, Michael69 New York Infantry6048IrelandCorkFaha, Adrigole
Sullivan, Michael2 Massachusetts Heavy Artillery10890Ireland
Sullivan, Michael15 Illinois Infantry12482Ireland
Sullivan, Patrick99 New York Infantry1492IrelandKerry
Sullivan, Patrick9 Massachusetts Infantry8203IrelandWaterford
Sullivan, Patrick15 Massachusetts Infantry10792IrelandKerry
Sullivan, Thomas59 Massachusetts Infantry11671IrelandDublin
Sullivan, Timothy11 United States Infantry10214IrelandKerry
Surplus, WilliamSurplice, William13 Pennsylvania Cavalry9780IrelandFermanagh
Sweeney, Michael5 Kentucky Infantry1827IrelandMeath
Sweeney, Owen100 New York InfantryIreland
Sweeney, William P.13 Pennsylvania Cavalry9898United States [Irish Parents?]
Sweeny, Dennis14 Pennsylvania Cavalry7363United States {Irish Father]
Sweeny, Edward124 Ohio Infantry11433Ireland
Taggart, John17 Massachusetts Infantry2167IrelandDerry
Taggart, RobertTaggert, Robert118 Pennsylvania InfantryIrelandAntrim
Thompson, Thomas12 New York Cavalry2613Ireland
Thompson, Veitch10 New York Infantry5524Ireland
Thompson, William56 Massachusetts Infantry733Ireland
Tiernay, WilliamTierney, William3 Massachusetts Cavalry4386IrelandWaterford
Tobin, Patrick164 New York Infantry10727Ireland
Toland, Bernard13 Pennsylvania Cavalry785Ireland?
Toner, Peter90 Pennsylvania Infantry1153IrelandDonegalLetterkenny
Toohey, James99 New York Infantry4909IrelandGalway
Tooley, Michael3 United States Infantry92IrelandLimerick
Tracy, PatrickTracey, Patrick99 New York Infantry100IrelandLaois
Trainor, Michael76 New York Infantry8544IrelandTyrone
Troy, Patrick17 Massachusetts Infantry3848IrelandWaterford
Twomay, JohnTwomey, John28 Massachusetts Infantry3549IrelandKerry
Walch, MichaelWalsh, Michael40 Massachusetts Infantry11494IrelandCork
Waldon, JohnWaldron, John7 New York Heavy Artillery9889Ireland
Wallace, Andrew116 Pennsylvania Infantry3135IrelandTipperary
Wallace, Patrick57 Massachusetts Infantry3377IrelandTyrone
Walsh, JamesUSS Shawsheen7503United States [Irish Parents]
Walsh, James1 New York CavalryIreland
Walsh, James7 New York Heavy ArtilleryIreland
Walsh, John39 New York Infantry8177IrelandCork City
Walsh, Walter97 Pennsylvania Infantry10568Ireland
Ward, John99 New York Infantry5126IrelandWestmeath
Ward, John5 New York Veteran Infantry10920IrelandDublin
Ward, Patrick88 New York Infantry10543Ireland
Waters, Thomas17 United States Infantry9854Ireland
Watson, Thomas99 New York Infantry6947Canada [Irish Parents]
Welch, Edward24 New York Independent Battery5181United States [Irish Parents]
Welch, FrankO'Herrin, James17 Massachusetts InfantryIrelandCork
Welch, Lawrence146 New York Infantry2310Ireland
Welch, Stephen77 New York InfantryIreland
Welch, Thomas20 Maine Infantry5942Ireland
Westrop, Henry125 New York Infantry507Ireland
Whelan, John26 Iowa Infantry6984Ireland
Whelen, Matthew23 Illinois Infantry3067IrelandOffaly
White, Edward103 Pennsylvania Infantry7277IrelandCavan
White, Luke8 New York Heavy Artillery11879Ireland
Wiggins, James52 New York Infantry8729United StatesVermont [Parents from Timsallagh, Galway]
Williams, Lawrence16 New York Cavalry6861Ireland
Wilson, Robert34 Massachusetts Infantry6769IrelandDerry Coleraine
Wolf, T.Wolfe, Patrick88 New York Infantry11821Ireland
Wool, Edmond28 Massachusetts InfantryIrelandCorkBallphehane

The Blog Posts

This portion of the project page looks at some of the posts that have focused on the Irish at Andersonville over the years, and will also gather together the new posts that are created as a result of the project. If you have suggestions for an area of the Irish American experience at Andersonville that you think would make an interesting addition, please contact us at andersonvilleirish[at]

Andersonville Irish: The First 1000 Infographic- 1. Demographics

The Andersonville Irish Project recently went past 1000 identified Irish American victims of the Confederate prison camp. In the first of two infographics, we take a look at some of the demographic information we can glean from their stories. To explore the infographic, click on the image to enlarge it.

Andersonville Irish Spotlight: Grave 5212. Edward Carter. “My Hand Trembles with Joy”- The Last Letters of a Leitrim Emigrant

The Andersonville Irish Project continues apace; we have now identified almost 1,050 Irish Americans who perished at the prison. One of the men identified in recent days is Leitrim native Edward Carter, who was around 25-years-old when he died at Andersonville. Edward’s records are also one of the few that contain original letters written by…

Video: Dedication of the Irish Memorial at Andersonville National Historic Site

The recent dedication of the memorial at Andersonville was a historic event. As well as remembering the impact of the prison on Irish emigrants and their families, it was the first time that an American Civil War related memorial was unveiled by the Government of Ireland, acting in partnership with the Northern Ireland Bureau. In…

Chickamauga Spotlight: Company C, 38th Illinois Infantry- An Irish Labouring Gang at War?

One of the notable outcomes of our ongoing Andersonville Irish Project is the identification of concentrations of Irish servicemen in non-ethnic regiments, including largely Irish companies. A lot more work is needed on such Irish company level formations, exploring how they formed and what they experienced during service. Indeed, we currently don’t even have sufficient…

Podcast: The Irish in Andersonville- The Deadliest Place in America

Recently I joined Fin of the Irish History Podcast to discuss the Andersonville Irish Project and the memorial plaque to the Irish unveiled at Andersonville National Historic Site. The episode is now available through all the usual podcast hosts, and you can also listen to it by clicking here. It was a really interesting discussion,…

Andersonville Irish Project: The First 850- Service

Earlier this week, to mark the major upcoming Irish event at Andersonville National Historic Site we shared the first of our new project infographics, which explored the demographics of the first 850 men we have identified. You can check that out here. Now we are sharing the second infographic, which more closely examines the service…

Andersonville Irish Project: The First 850- Demographics

Last week we brought you the big news of the upcoming 19th October event at the Andersonville National Historic Site, when a plaque will be unveiled to commemorate the Irish American dead of Andersonville and their families (more on that here). To mark the occasion we have prepared two new project infographics, each of which…

Invitation, October 19th: Plaque Unveiling to the Andersonville Irish

I am delighted to be able to share the fantastic news with readers that on Thursday 19th October next a memorial plaque will be unveiled at Andersonville National Historic Site to the memory of the Irish Americans who died there and to their families. As many of you know, for quite a while now we…

Andersonville Irish Project: The First 650

The Andersonville Irish Project has hit another milestone, with 650 Irish Americans now identified who perished at the prison in 1864 and 1865. Many thanks to all those who have contributed and those who have supported the project thus far. The database of the 650 men has now been uploaded and is available at the…

Andersonville Irish Spotlight: Grave 3284. Owen Moloney. The Story of Famine Works and Famine Relief in West Clare, Preserved through a Victim of Andersonville

Owen Moloney was 26-years-old when he was mustered into Company C of the 6th New Jersey Infantry on 7th November 1861. Over the years that followed, the young Co. Clare emigrant saw his fair share of war. He was there every step of the way as the Army of the Potomac grappled with the Army…

Andersonville Irish Spotlight: Thomas O’Dea, The Clare Emigrant Who Immortalised Andersonville in Art. Part 1- Imagery.

The next series of Andersonville Irish Spotlight posts will share some of the results from work we carried out during the Andersonville Irish Project trip to the National Historic Site. It was a visit facilitated by grant funding from the Andersonville POW Research Grant Program made possible thanks to the Friends of Andersonville, as well as…

Andersonville Irish Spotlight: Video Tours of Irish Graves

As readers will be aware, later last year I (Damian) had the opportunity to undertake some research for the Andersonville Irish Project at the National Historic Site in Georgia. During my time there I conducted a tour of some of the Irish American graves in the National Cemetery on behalf of the National Park Service….

Andersonville Irish Spotlight: “This Abode of Want, Suffering & Misery”- The Prison Letter of Limerick’s Roger Brown

This latest Andersonville Irish Spotlight post is the first to contain some of the information gleaned from my recent research trip to Andersonville National Historic Site. The trip was facilitated by grant funding from the Andersonville POW Research Grant Program, made possible thanks to the Friends of Andersonville, as well as project funding received from…

The Andersonville Irish Project on RTE’s History Show

Ireland’s national broadcaster RTE’s flagship radio history show last week dedicated a portion of their programme to the work of the Andersonville Irish Podcast. I chatted with the show’s host Myles Dungan about the prison and the Irish experience there, along with what the project is revealing about wider emigration. One of the letters we…

Video: The Irish in the Civil War and at Andersonville with Emerging Civil War

When I got the opportunity to undertake some research at Andersonville towards the end of last year I also met up with historian Sheritta Bitikofer of Emerging Civil War. We chatted about a range of Irish-related topics, from my own story, to the Irish in America generally, to Irish service and of course on the…

Andersonville Irish: The First 600 Infographic

The Andersonville Irish Project has now reached the milestone of 600 identified men and families. To mark it, a new project infographic has been produced, the third in the series. You can explore the infographic in detail by clicking on the image below to enlarge it. In addition, the interactive project map and full database have been…

Discussing the Andersonville Irish with the Civil War Round Table of Central Louisiana

As some of you may be aware, I was away conducting some research at Andersonville National Historic Site as part of the Andersonville Irish Project. It was a really productive trip, and I’m looking forward to sharing some of the results with readers of the site over the coming months. While I was there I…

Andersonville Irish Spotlight: Grave 12083. Stephen Small, A “Misused” Child Laborer

To the police of Albany, New York, the Small brothers were well-known troublemakers. The two boys, Henry and Stephen, were born in Albany to Irish immigrant parents in the 1840s. Their mother Hannah died when they were little, leaving them in the care of their father Hugh, who kept a grocery business, selling liquor and…

Podcast: Andersonville Prisoners & Leadville Miners

I recently had an opportunity to return to the Irish Stew Podcast for a really interesting discussion with show hosts Martin and John. This episode was a four-way conversation that looked not only at our work on the Andersonville Irish Project, but also that of Professor Jim Walsh on the 19th century Irish miners of…

Andersonville Irish: The First 450 Infographic

As the Andersonville Irish Project progresses, we are producing infographics to provide some of the headline details in an easy to digest form. The first of these looked at the initial 350 men identified in the National Cemetery. Having passed the 450 identified milestone, the latest Infographic incorporates what we have learned so far. You…