In 1863, Ireland was on the brink of famine. Poor harvests for three consecutive years had left many destitute, and disaster loomed. In response to the threat, relief committees that had previously been established to channel funds to assist the worst afflicted areas were reactivated. The large Irish population in the United States, many of whom were Famine victims themselves, were not to be found wanting in coming to the assistance of those at home. The cause was championed by the leaders of Irish-American communities, and soon Irish Relief Funds emerged across the war-stricken North. To read posts about the fund see here and here. This page presents the tabular data which appeared in those posts, highlighting the units who contributed to the fun and where possible the individuals themselves and their ultimate fate.

United States£20,74268
Australia (Victoria)£5,35000
New Zealand£500
China & Shanghai£108158

Table 1. Contributions to the Irish Relief Fund by country as of August 1863.

17th Wisconsin Infantry$1302.50
69th New York N.G.A. (Irish Legion)$874
155th New York Infantry (Irish Legion)$807
88th New York Infantry (Irish Brigade)$771.50
42nd New York Infantry$493.50
General Corcoran and staff (Irish Legion)$460
63rd New York Infantry (Irish Brigade)$355
15th Independent New York Battery$336
164th New York Infantry (Irish Legion)$327.50
4th United States Infantry$318.50
170th New York Infantry (Irish Legion)$254.50
Fort Pulaski Garrison, Georgia$231.75
USS Kennebec$172
37th New York Infantry (Privates)£121 12s. 6d.
2nd United States Infantry$128.50
94th New York Infantry$114
9th Massachusetts Infantry (Co. D)$100
15th New York Infantry (Co. C)$90
Telegraph Builders of Rosecrans’ Army$80.50
United States General Hospital$61
5th Rhode Island Volunteer Infantry$52.50
15th New York Infantry (Co. D)$50
10th Ohio Infantry (1862)$40
USS Hetzel$25
3rd United States InfantryNot Specified
28th Massachusetts InfantryNot Specified
69th New York InfantryNot Specified

Table 2. Military Contributions to the Irish Relief Fund by military group (identified to date).

Campbell, Peter10th Ohio$1.00
Cody, William10th Ohio$2.00Perryville (W.)
Coughlan, Matthew10th Ohio$1.00
Dolan, Thomas10th Ohio$1.00
Donovan, William10th Ohio$1.00
Fitzgerald, James W.10th Ohio$5.00
Fitzgerald, William10th Ohio$1.00
Foley, Francis10th Ohio$1.00Nashville (D.)
Hartigan, Edward10th Ohio$1.00
Hickey, James T.10th Ohio$5.00
Kelly, Thomas J.10th Ohio£24 5s 5d
O’Connor, J10th Ohio$2.50
O’Higgins, William F10th Ohio$5.00
O’Neill, Daniel10th Ohio$1.00
O’Shea, Thomas F10th Ohio$5.00
Riordan, James P10th Ohio$1.00Disability
Sullivan, Denis10th Ohio$1.00
Sweeney, Terence10th Ohio$1.00Disability
Ward, W.W.10th Ohio$5.00
Wood, R.W.10th Ohio$5.00
A Soldier17th Massachusetts$1.00
Maguire, James T.37th New York$25.00Williamsburg (W.)
Allen, Richard42nd New York$1.00Gettysburg (W.)
Banon, Thomas42nd New York$2.00Gettysburg (K.I.A.)
Barrett, Daniel42nd New York$1.00Gettysburg (M.W.)
Baxendale, W42nd New York$1.00Wilderness (M.I.A.)
Beck, Charles42nd New York$0.50
Bennett, Joseph42nd New York$1.00
Bird, Henry42nd New York$1.00
Blackburn, Cornelius42nd New York$2.00
Blake, Edward42nd New York$1.00
Bourke, John42nd New York$2.00Gettysburg (W.)
Boyce, James42nd New York$1.00
Boyd, John42nd New York$1.00
Brandt, Albert42nd New York$1.00
Brice, Edward42nd New York$1.00
Burns, John42nd New York$5.00
Burns, Luke42nd New York$5.00Weldon Railroad (P.O.W.)
Bushell, William42nd New York$5.00
Byrne, William42nd New York$1.00Gettysburg (M.W.)
Byron, James42nd New York$1.00Petersburg (P.O.W.)
Calahan, Denis42nd New York$1.00
Campbell, Francis42nd New York$1.00Deserted
Caren, John42nd New York$2.00Weldon Railroad (P.O.W.)
Carey, William42nd New York$2.00
Casey, James42nd New York$7.00Gettysburg (W.)
Cheesman, Michael42nd New York$1.00
Church, William42nd New York$1.00Petersburg (P.O.W.)
Clines, Andrew42nd New York$2.00
Coffey, John42nd New York$7.00Spotsylvania (K.I.A.)
Colligan, Dennis42nd New York$5.00
Connelly, Felix42nd New York$2.00Disability
Connelly, Francis42nd New York$1.00
Cosgrove, Arthur42nd New York$2.00
Craig, Hugh42nd New York$1.00
Craighton, Philip42nd New York$1.00Bristoe Station (K.I.A.)
Creely, Francis42nd New York$1.00Petersburg (P.O.W.)
Crosby, Patrick42nd New York$1.00
Cuddy, Michael42nd New York$5.00Gettysburg (K.I.A.)
Cullen, James42nd New York$5.00Gettysburg (K.I.A.)
Cunningham, Michael42nd New York$5.00
Curly, Thomas42nd New York$1.00Gettysburg (K.I.A.)
Curran, William42nd New York$1.00Andersonville (D.D.)
Curry, Francis42nd New York$1.00
Daley, James P42nd New York$2.00(P.O.W.)
Desmond, William42nd New York$2.00
Dolan, Bernard J42nd New York$2.50
Donovan, Michael42nd New York$1.00
Dougherty, James H42nd New York$5.00Farmville (K.I.A.)
Downing, Patrick J.42nd New York$25.00
Downs, John42nd New York$1.00
Doyle, John42nd New York$1.00(P.O.W.)
Dunkinson, William42nd New York$5.00
Dunnigan, Thomas42nd New York$1.00
Edwards, Joseph42nd New York$1.00Wilderness (W.)
Fallon, John42nd New York$1.00Gettysburg (W.)
Fennessey, James42nd New York$5.00
Fitzgerald, John42nd New York$4.00
Fitzgerald, Patrick42nd New York$1.00Spotsylvania (K.I.A.)
Fitzharris, Maurice42nd New York$10.00Gettysburg (W.)
Fitzpatrick, P42nd New York$2.00
Fitzpatrick, Patrick42nd New York$5.00
Flaherty, Patrick42nd New York$2.00Deserted
Flinn, William42nd New York$2.50Gettysburg (K.I.A.)
Flood, Michael42nd New York$1.00(W.)
Flynn, Peter42nd New York$5.00
Gaffney, Francis42nd New York$2.00
Gerrin, Jeremiah42nd New York$5.00
Gillen, John42nd New York$5.00
Gorman, Patrick42nd New York$1.00
Griffin, Thomas42nd New York$1.00Petersburg (P.O.W.)
Hanlon, Bernard42nd New York$2.00
Hayes, Michael42nd New York$1.00(P.O.W.)
Hickey, Michael42nd New York$1.00Deserted
Horogan, Timothy42nd New York$1.00(D.D.)
Hudson, John42nd New York$5.00
Hyde, Garrett42nd New York$1.00Andersonville (D.D.)
Hydenhoff, Adam42nd New York$1.00
James, Thomas42nd New York$2.00Gettysburg (K.I.A.)
Jameson, William42nd New York$1.00Disability
Kane, James42nd New York$5.00Spotsylvania (W.)
Kane, Patrick42nd New York$1.00Disability
Kehoe, Patrick42nd New York$5.00
Kelley, John P42nd New York$2.00
Kelly, Daniel42nd New York$1.00(P.O.W.)
Kelly, Edward42nd New York$2.00
Kelly, Edward42nd New York$5.00Spotsylvania (W.)
Kennedy, Francis42nd New York$2.00
Kenney, Arthur42nd New York$5.00
Kenney, Michael42nd New York$1.00Andersonville (D.D.)
Kenny, Lawrence42nd New York$2.00Deserted
Kepple, Thomas42nd New York$5.00Deserted
Kernen, Luke42nd New York$1.00
Kilduff, James42nd New York$2.00Fredericksburg (W.)
Leddy, Daniel42nd New York$2.00
Lippincott, Hiram42nd New York$2.00
Long, Edward42nd New York$1.00Spotsylvania (M.W.)
Lynch, Michael42nd New York$1.00
Lynch, Michael42nd New York$2.00Weldon Railroad (M.W.)
Lynch, William42nd New York$1.00
Lynch, William A.42nd New York$20.00Cold Harbor (W.)
Madden, Michael42nd New York$5.00Medal of Honor
Maher, John42nd New York$2.00
Maley, G42nd New York$2.00
Mallon, James E.42nd New York$25.00Bristoe Station (K.I.A.)
Manton, Hiram42nd New York$2.00
McAuliffe, Richard42nd New York$1.00Gettysburg (W.)
McCarthy, Jeremiah42nd New York$1.50Gettysburg (W.)
McCormack, Michael42nd New York$1.00
McDermott, Edward42nd New York$1.00Disability
McDermott, Owen42nd New York$8.00Chancellorsville? (M.W.)
McDonnell, Michael42nd New York$1.00Disability
McDonough, John42nd New York$2.00(P.O.W.)
McDonough, Michael42nd New York$5.00Antietam (W.)
McGeever, James42nd New York$5.00
McGreal, Richard42nd New York$2.00
McIvor, Neil42nd New York$2.00
McKiheny, William42nd New York$1.00
McLoughlan, Andrew42nd New York$2.00
McManus, Patrick42nd New York$1.00
McNally, Edward42nd New York$1.00
McNally, Matthew42nd New York$1.00Fredericksburg (W.)
McNamara, James42nd New York$3.00Cold Harbor (K.I.A.)
McNamara, Patrick42nd New York$1.00
McNeills, James42nd New York$1.00
Menton, Bernard42nd New York$2.00Petersburg (P.O.W.)
Merrick, James42nd New York$1.00
Molloy, Charles42nd New York$2.00
Molloy, John42nd New York$1.00
Molloy, John42nd New York$1.00
Moore, Charles42nd New York$1.00(D.D.)
Moran, James42nd New York$2.00
Moriarty, John42nd New York$1.00
Mulcahy, William42nd New York$3.00Andersonville (D.D.)
Mulholland, Charles42nd New York$2.00
Mullin, John42nd New York$2.00
Murphy42nd New York$1.00
Murphy, Francis42nd New York$1.00Disability
Murphy, Hugh42nd New York$2.00Gettysburg (K.I.A.)
Murphy, Joseph42nd New York$2.00Cold Harbor (W.)
Murray, Richard42nd New York$2.00Gettysburg (W.)
Murray, Thomas42nd New York$1.00
Nash, John42nd New York$1.00
Nevill, John42nd New York$2.00Disability
Nilan, Patrick42nd New York$1.00Weldon Railroad (P.O.W.)
Noonan, John42nd New York$2.00Gettysburg (W.)
Nugent, John42nd New York$2.50Disability
O’Shea, William42nd New York$20.00Spotsylvania (K.I.A.)
O’Meara, Michael42nd New York$2.00
O’Neill, William42nd New York$1.00Petersburg (P.O.W.)
O’Shea, Daniel42nd New York$5.00Gettysburg (M.W.)
Peters, Lewis42nd New York$1.001864 (W.)
Quinan, Richard42nd New York$1.00
Quinn, Bernard42nd New York$1.00Gettysburg (W.)
Quinn, Michael42nd New York$1.00
Quirke, John42nd New York$2.00Spotsylvania (K.I.A.)
Raap, John42nd New York$1.00Deserted
Ramsden, Thomas42nd New York$1.00
Reedy, Michael42nd New York$1.00
Reilly, Hugh42nd New York$1.00
Reynold, Bernard42nd New York$1.00
Reynolds, Francis F.42nd New York$5.00Fredericksburg (W.), Spotsylvania (W.)
Ritter, John42nd New York$1.50
Ruddy, George B.42nd New York$5.00May 1864 (K.I.A.)
Rutledge, William42nd New York$1.00Antietam (W.), Gettysburg (W.)
Ryan, Thomas42nd New York$2.00
Sawer, Peter42nd New York$1.00
Scanlon, John42nd New York$5.00Disability
Scott, James42nd New York$1.00
Shilton, James42nd New York$2.00
Smith, John42nd New York$1.00Gettysburg (K.I.A.)
Smithwick, John42nd New York$1.00Petersburg (P.O.W.)
Smyth, John42nd New York$2.00Deserted
Somerville, Thomas42nd New York$1.00Petersburg (W.)(P.O.W.)
Standford, Stuart42nd New York$1.00
Stone, Christopher42nd New York$1.00Gettysburg (K.I.A.)
Strip, William42nd New York$1.00Andersonville (D.D.)
Sullivan, Eugene42nd New York$5.00(P.O.W.)
Wallace, William42nd New York$1.00(D.D.)
Walsh, James H42nd New York$2.00
Walsh, Michael42nd New York$2.00
West, Peter42nd New York$5.00Gettysburg (M.W.)
Wright, Robert C.42nd New York$10.00Spotsylvania (W.)
Wright, Thomas42nd New York$10.00Antietam (W.)
Ahern, C4th United States$2.00
Aldardice, Mr.4th United States$5.00
Allshouse4th United States$1.00
Atkinson4th United States$2.00
Bagnell4th United States$2.00
Balliol4th United States$3.00
Bamford4th United States$1.00
Becker, W4th United States$1.00
Boyle4th United States$1.00
Boyle, J.G.4th United States$3.00
Brady4th United States$1.00
Brophy, J4th United States$5.00
Brosnahan, F4th United States$1.00
Brown4th United States$1.00
Carroll, M4th United States$1.00
Chambers, J4th United States$3.00
Clarke4th United States$4.00
Clarke4th United States$2.00
Connan, Herod4th United States$2.00
Connell4th United States$2.00
Corrigan4th United States$2.00
Cribbens, M4th United States$5.00
Davis4th United States$1.00
Dempsey, M4th United States$10.00
Doolan4th United States$2.00
Drewry4th United States$1.00
Dunne4th United States$1.00
Dunne4th United States$1.00
Engers, C4th United States$1.00
Farrell, J4th United States$5.00
Flynn4th United States$1.00
Flynn4th United States$1.00
Forman4th United States$1.00
Frey, G4th United States$1.00
Fry4th United States$1.00
Gillis4th United States$2.00
Gordon, John4th United States$5.00
Hall4th United States$1.00
Hall, Thomas4th United States$2.00
Hamil4th United States$2.00
Handle4th United States$1.00
Hodgson4th United States$1.00
Hogan4th United States$1.00
Howard, J4th United States$1.00
Hughes4th United States$1.00
Ingalls4th United States$2.00
Kelly4th United States$3.00
Kelly, Daniel4th United States$5.00
Kenear4th United States$2.00
Kenna, M.4th United States$5.00
Krebbs4th United States$1.00
Larkin4th United States$1.00
Laverty4th United States$1.00
Leistner4th United States$1.00
Leonouar4th United States$1.00
Lynn, J4th United States$1.50
McBride, B4th United States$3.00
McCarthy, PH4th United States$5.00
McDonnell, J4th United States$5.00
McGarraghy, P4th United States$10.00
McGarry, M4th United States$5.00
McGovern4th United States$2.00
McGuire4th United States$1.00
McKenna, J4th United States$5.00
McKibbin, Mr.4th United States$5.00
McLaughlin4th United States$5.00
McMasters, J4th United States$2.00
McMurphy4th United States$1.00
McNeill4th United States$1.00
McSweegan4th United States$1.00
Meagher4th United States$1.00
Miller4th United States$2.00
Mills4th United States$1.00
Monaghan, T4th United States$5.00
Murphy, Joseph4th United States$1.00
Needham4th United States$2.00
Newman4th United States$1.00
Nicholson, R4th United States$1.00
O’Connell4th United States$5.00
O’Kelly4th United States$1.00
O’Kieff4th United States$2.00
O’Neill4th United States$1.00
O’Neill4th United States$2.00
O’Neill4th United States$5.00
Phillips4th United States$1.00
Progue, J4th United States$5.00
Quinn, Thomas F4th United States$5.00
Quirman4th United States$1.00
Randolph4th United States$1.00
Regan4th United States$5.00
Reily, John4th United States$5.00
Rice4th United States$2.00
Robinson4th United States$1.00
Rodgerson4th United States$1.00
Rolands, J.4th United States$5.00
Rooney, Simon4th United States$1.00
Rupp4th United States$1.00
Russell, John4th United States$5.00
Sheedy4th United States$2.00
Shoal4th United States$1.00
Simpson4th United States$1.00
Smith4th United States$1.00
Smith4th United States$2.00
Sullivan4th United States$2.00
Sullivan, T4th United States$1.00
Swartz4th United States$1.00
Tectar4th United States$2.00
Van Roe4th United States$1.00
Van Valkenberg4th United States$1.00
Welsh4th United States$1.00
Widdows, F4th United States$1.00
Wilkes4th United States$2.00
Williams, J.D.4th United States$5.00
Yeoman4th United States$1.00
Flaherty, Nicholas9th MassachusettsOrganised $100Wilderness (K.I.A.)
A SoldierCamp Sickles$2.00
Kelly, CorneliusFort Pulaski GarrisonOrganised $231.75
Black, J.USS Kennebec$5.00
Briney, A.USS Kennebec$2.00
Burnet, C.L.USS Kennebec$5.00
Butler, J.J.USS Kennebec$3.00
Buttimore, R.USS Kennebec$2.00
Campbell, P.USS Kennebec$5.00
Carney, J.USS Kennebec$2.00
Cogin, J.USS Kennebec$5.00
Coleman, JohnUSS Kennebec$5.00
Cook, F.USS Kennebec$5.00
Emerson, A.L.USS Kennebec$3.00
Emile, F.USS Kennebec$1.00
Faber, J.USS Kennebec$3.00
Fearon, G.USS Kennebec$5.00
Feneran, ThomasUSS Kennebec$5.00
Fielden, A.USS Kennebec$5.00
Fields, C.A.USS Kennebec$5.00
Francis, J.USS Kennebec$3.00
Gallagher, J.C.USS Kennebec$5.00
Gallagher, P.USS Kennebec$5.00
Gilgan, J.USS Kennebec$3.00
Griffin, L.USS Kennebec$2.00
Hennessy, J.USS Kennebec$5.00
Herring, R.USS Kennebec$2.00
Higgins, J.P.USS Kennebec$5.00
Hogan, J.USS Kennebec$5.00
Holland, J.E.USS Kennebec$5.00
J.H.R.USS Kennebec$10.00
Latham, D.H.USS Kennebec$2.00
Levye, T.USS Kennebec$1.00
Locke, L.USS Kennebec$3.00
Lovering, G.P.USS Kennebec$3.00
Mahar, M.USS Kennebec$1.00
Martin, J.USS Kennebec$3.00
Milligan, O.USS Kennebec$3.00
Murray, J.USS Kennebec$3.00
Nields, H.C.USS Kennebec$3.00
Noonan, J.USS Kennebec$1.00
O’Keeffe, D.USS Kennebec$5.00
Oryen, JohnUSS Kennebec$1.00
Robinson, L.W.USS Kennebec$3.00
Shea, D.USS Kennebec$4.00
Shea, J.USS Kennebec$3.00
Sinclair, CUSS Kennebec$5.00
Smith, J.W.B.USS Kennebec$1.00
Spaulding, S.B.USS Kennebec$1.00
Todd, G.USS Kennebec$1.00
Wade, H.C.USS Kennebec$5.00
Welsh, J.USS Kennebec$2.00
Wiles, R.USS Kennebec$2.00
“Scribbler”, The15th Ind. NY Light Battery$3.00
Ballantyne, James15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00Globe Tavern (K.I.A.)
Barry, James15th Ind. NY Light Battery$5.00Disability
Battle, Thomas15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00
Beatty, John B.15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00
Brady, Dennis15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00Gettysburg (K.I.A.)
Brash, James15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00
Brennan, Michael15th Ind. NY Light Battery$5.00
Butler, Michael15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00Cold Harbor (M.W.)
Byrne, Joseph15th Ind. NY Light Battery$5.00
Carr, Michael15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00
Clark, James15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00
Comerford, James15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00
Connors, Thomas15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00Deserted
Corr, Patrick15th Ind. NY Light Battery$5.00Cold Harbor (K.I.A.)
Crane, Henry15th Ind. NY Light Battery$5.00Weldon Railroad (W.)
Daly, John15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00
Delany, Martin15th Ind. NY Light Battery$20.00
Delany, Martin15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00
Donahue, Alexander15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00
Donnelly, Michael15th Ind. NY Light Battery$5.00
Dowling, John15th Ind. NY Light Battery$5.00Weldon Railroad (W.)
Downey, Patrick15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00
Derbeau, Narcisse15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00
Duggan, Michael15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00
Dyer, Arthur15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00Deserted
Edwards, Patrick15th Ind. NY Light Battery$3.00Petersburg (K.I.A.)
Elliot, William15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00
Ellworth, Paul15th Ind. NY Light Battery$4.00
Feehan, Patrick15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00
Fitzgerald, Thomas15th Ind. NY Light Battery$5.00Gettysburg (W.)
Flanagan, Michael15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00
Fox, Henry15th Ind. NY Light Battery$20.00
Fulton, Edward15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00
Gannon, Farrell15th Ind. NY Light Battery$5.00Deserted
Girdler, Charles A.15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00Petersburg (W.)
Grant, Daniel15th Ind. NY Light Battery$5.00
Halloran, Thomas15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00
Hardy, Sam15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00Deserted
Hassinger, Christopher15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00(P.O.W.)
Hayes, William15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00Bethesda Church (W.)
Healy, Joseph15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00
Heany, Robert15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00
Hickey, William15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00Deserted
Higgins, John15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00
Hogan, Michael15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00
Hourigan, John15th Ind. NY Light Battery$3.00
Howard, Walter15th Ind. NY Light Battery$5.00Gettysburg (W.)
Hutton, Richard15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00
Jeffrey, Alex15th Ind. NY Light Battery$3.00
Kelly, Michael15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00
King, John15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00
Knox, Edward M.15th Ind. NY Light Battery$20.00Gettysburg (W.), Medal of Honor
Leary, Timothy15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00
McCaffery, James15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00Deserted
McCutcheon, Andrew15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00
McDonough, Michael15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00Deserted
McFarland, Charles15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00
McGinty, Peter15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00Gettysburg (W.)
McGouldrick, Patrick15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00
McGowan, John15th Ind. NY Light Battery$5.00Deserted
McLoughlin, John15th Ind. NY Light Battery$5.00Deserted
McMahon, Andrew R.15th Ind. NY Light Battery$20.00
McNally, William15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00Bethesda Church (W.)
McWilliams, David15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00
Molloy, William15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00Gettysburg (W.)
Molony, Thomas15th Ind. NY Light Battery$4.00
Montgomery, Robert J.15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00
Moran, Patrick15th Ind. NY Light Battery$5.00
Mulcahy, Roger15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00
Mulligan, James15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00
Murphy, James15th Ind. NY Light Battery$5.00
Murphy, James15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00(D.D.)
Neeson, Charles15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00Gettysburg (M.W.)
O’Brien, James15th Ind. NY Light Battery$10.00
O’Connor, Patrick15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00Deserted
O’Donnell, Michael15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00
O’Neill, Patrick15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00Gettysburg (K.I.A.)
O’Rourke, Bernard15th Ind. NY Light Battery$5.00Weldon Railroad (W.)
Parling, Philip15th Ind. NY Light Battery$4.00
Peyton, James15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00
Private15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00
Private15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00
Punch, John15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00(D.D.)
Reardon, William15th Ind. NY Light Battery$3.00
Reynolds, William15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00
Robertson, Alexander L.15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00
Rooney, Andrew15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00Weldon Railroad (W.)
Sheehy, Edmund15th Ind. NY Light Battery$5.00Gettysburg (W.)
Sheehy, James15th Ind. NY Light Battery$5.00
Sheehy, John15th Ind. NY Light Battery$5.00
Sheehy, Michael15th Ind. NY Light Battery$5.00Weldon Railroad (W.)
Sheehy, William15th Ind. NY Light Battery$5.00
Smith, Robert G.15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00
Sneky, William15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00
Sullivan, William15th Ind. NY Light Battery$10.00Petersburg (W.)
Sullivan, William H.15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00
Trainor, James15th Ind. NY Light Battery$2.00Deserted
Welsh, Patrick15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00
Wood, Thomas15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00
Woods, Hugh15th Ind. NY Light Battery$1.00
Bentley, Richard C.63rd New York$10.00Gettysburg (W.)
Caldwell, John63rd New York$1.00Fredericksburg (W.)
Carreher, Bernard63rd New York$5.00
Carroll, Edward B.63rd New York$10.00Sutherland (K.I.A.)
Casey, J.63rd New York$1.00
Church, Henry C.63rd New York$2.00
Cochlan, John63rd New York$5.00
Coleman, James63rd New York$25.00
Cullen, William63rd New York$5.00Antietam (W.)
Dacey, John63rd New York$1.00Bristoe Station (P.O.W.)
Dadd, Charles63rd New York$2.00
Daly, Michael63rd New York$1.00
Darby, Peter63rd New York$1.00
Dorgan, J63rd New York$2.00
Duffy, Thomas63rd New York$1.00Antietam (W.)
Duncan, Peter63rd New York$5.00
Dwyer, James63rd New York$1.00
Dwyer, John63rd New York$10.00Antietam (W.)
Elliot, Joseph J.63rd New York$3.00
Gallagher, Edward63rd New York$1.00
Garry, James63rd New York$1.00Petersburg (W.)
Gleason, John H.63rd New York$10.00
Granfield, John63rd New York$1.00P.O.W., Augusta (D.D.)
Halley, William63rd New York$5.00
Hanlon, Michael63rd New York$5.00
Hannon, Thomas63rd New York$2.00
Harris, John63rd New York$2.00Bristoe Station (P.O.W.), Andersonville (D.D.)
Hart, Matthew63rd New York$12.00
Hayes, John63rd New York$2.00
Hayes, William63rd New York$2.00(D.D.)
Hodgins, William63rd New York$1.00
Healy, J.63rd New York$1.00
Hickman, Patrick63rd New York$1.00
Hughes, Thomas63rd New York$5.00Deserted
Hurley, John J.63rd New York$10.00(M.I.A.)
Joyce, Thomas63rd New York$5.00
Kelly, Michael63rd New York$1.00
Kelly, Thomas63rd New York$1.00
Kelly, Thomas63rd New York$5.00
Kenny, Patrick63rd New York$5.00Gettysburg (K.I.A.)
Lellers, John J.63rd New York$5.00
Linn, A.63rd New York$1.00
Looney, Daniel E.63rd New York$2.00Malvern Hill (P.O.W.), Antietam (W.), Gettysburg (P.O.W.), (D.D.)
Lynch, Daniel63rd New York$2.00Wilderness (M.W.)
Madden, Christopher63rd New York$5.00Petersburg (D.D.)
Martin, J.63rd New York$1.00
McCarthy, Patrick63rd New York$1.00
McCormick, James63rd New York$10.00
McDonough, Joseph63rd New York$10.00
McGeehan, Patrick63rd New York$5.00Gettysburg (M.I.A.)
McGahan, Patrick63rd New York$2.00Deserted
McGrane, Michael63rd New York$1.00Deserted
McMichael, James63rd New York$1.00
McQuade, James63rd New York$5.00(P.O.W.)
Meagher, Jeremiah63rd New York$5.00
Meehan, Hugh63rd New York$1.00Wilderness (W.)
Moore, Michael63rd New York$3.00Deserted
Murray, John63rd New York$3.00
O’Brien, Edward63rd New York$5.00Spotsylvania (W.)
O’Brien, John63rd New York$5.00Gettysburg (M.W.)
O’Connell, Michael63rd New York$5.00
O’Connor, J.63rd New York$1.00
O’Meara, James63rd New York$1.00
O’Neil, Timothy63rd New York$5.00
Quirk, William63rd New York$20.00Fredericksburg (W.)
Rattigan, John63rd New York$1.00Wilderness (M.W.)
Reynolds, James63rd New York$5.00
Roach, Richard63rd New York$5.00
Roddy, Michael63rd New York$10.00
Root, Albert63rd New York$10.00
Rutledge, Thomas63rd New York$2.00Deserted
Ryan, Thomas63rd New York$2.00
Sheehan, Michael63rd New York$2.00Gettysburg (M.I.A.)
Shehan, Michael63rd New York$2.00
Sheridan, Patrick63rd New York$5.00
Smart, John63rd New York$2.00Petersburg (W.)
Smith, James63rd New York$2.00
Sullivan, Denis63rd New York$2.00
Tansey, Bartley63rd New York$1.00James River (P.O.W.), Chancellorsville (P.O.W.)
Terry, William C.63rd New York$3.00
Tumalty, Owen63rd New York$2.00
Tuohy, Thomas63rd New York$10.00Wilderness (M.W.)
Watson, William63rd New York$2.00
Ahearn, John88th New York$1.00Chancellorsville (P.O.W.)
Ahern, Cornelius88th New York$2.00
Alton, Dewitt88th New York$2.00
Berry, Thomas88th New York$5.00Antietam (W.), Petersburg (P.O.W.)
Birmingham, James88th New York$2.00
Blake, Henry88th New York$1.00Chancellorsville (P.O.W.), Bristoe Station (P.O.W.)
Boyer, Elias148th Pennsylvania$5.00
Brady, John88th New York$3.00
Brown, William J.88th New York$2.00
Buckley, Lawrence88th New York$2.00
Burke Denis F.88th New York$20.00
Burke, Edward88th New York$1.00
Burke, William88th New York$3.00Disability
Burns, Hugh88th New York$1.00Deserted
Butler, Pierce88th New York$3.00Deserted
Cade, John88th New York$3.00Malvern Hill (W.), Deserted
Cahill, Thomas88th New York$1.00Fredericksburg (W.), Cold Harbor (K.I.A.)
Callaghan, John88th New York$2.00Chancellorsville (P.O.W.)
Canton, John88th New York$5.00
Carr, James88th New York$5.00Deserted
Carroll, Michael88th New York$1.00
Carroll, Nielly88th New York$1.00
Carver, John88th New York$2.00Fredericksburg (W.)
Clark. Andrew88th New York$3.00Gettysburg (W.)
Cleary, James88th New York$5.00New York (D.)
Coleman, John88th New York$2.00
Comey, James12th New York$5.00
Concannon, Martin88th New York$5.00
Condron, Patrick88th New York$1.00Chancellorsville (W.)
Conolly, Patrick88th New York$2.00Antietam (W.)
Coyle, William88th New York$2.00
Croghan, Patrick88th New York$2.00
Crowley, Jeremiah88th New York$1.00Chancellorsville (M.W.)
Crystal, T.88th New York$1.00
Curran, John88th New York$5.00Deserted
Curry, Hugh88th New York$2.00
Cusick, John88th New York$5.00
Daily, Joseph88th New York$1.00
Dalton, John88th New York$2.00Savage Station (W.)
Daly, Michael88th New York$5.00Fredericksburg (W.)
Dean, Patrick88th New York$2.00Deserted
Desmond, John88th New York$5.00
Devereaux, Joseph88th New York$2.00
Dillon, James88th New York$2.00Deserted
Discoll, Benedict J.88th New York$5.00Petersburg (W.)
Doheny, Timothy88th New York$5.00Wilderness (W.)
Dowdall, Richard88th New York$10.00
Drew, Patrick88th New York$2.00
Egan, Michael88th New York$10.00
Egan, Patrick88th New York$1.00Gettysburg (W.), (D.D.)
English, Matthew88th New York$1.00Antietam (W.)
Everson, Austin88th New York$1.00
Fallon, Martin88th New York$1.00
Finen, Richard88th New York$5.00
Fantry, James88th New York$5.00
Farmer, John88th New York$1.00
Farrell, J.88th New York$2.00
Ferry, John88th New York$2.00Gettysburg (K.I.A.)
Fitzgibbon, John88th New York$2.00Antietam (W.), Deserted
Flannigan, William88th New York$1.00Deserted
Foley, John88th New York$2.00Deserted
Foley, William88th New York$5.00
Ford, George88th New York$5.00
Fox, James88th New York$1.00
Friend, A88th New York$20.00
Friend, A88th New York$1.00
Friery, Lawrence88th New York$3.00Fredericksburg (W.)
Funk, George88th New York$1.00
Gallagher, Michael88th New York$10.00
Gardiner, Joseph88th New York$1.00
Geary, Michael88th New York$3.00Fredericksburg (W.), Chancellorsville (P.O.W.)
Geoghegan, George88th New York$5.00
Gordon, Robert W.88th New York$5.00Deep Bottom (K.I.A.)
Graham, Michael88th New York$2.00Disability
Green, James88th New York$1.00Deserted
Groves, John88th New York$1.00
Gunnity, James88th New York$1.00
Hamilton, George88th New York$2.00Fredericksburg (W.)
Hardyman, John88th New York$2.00
Harrison, Richard S.88th New York$1.00Antietam (W.)
Hayden, Michael88th New York$1.00Antietam (W.)
Hastings, William88th New York$5.00
Hatton, James28th MassachusettsOrganised 312nd Bull Run (W.), Gettysburg (M.W.)
Healy, Patrick88th New York$5.00
Henry, William88th New York$5.00Cold Harbor (W.)
Herr, Thomas88th New York$1.00
Hoey, Patrick88th New York$1.00
Hogan, Mathew88th New York$1.00Fredericksburg (W.), Po River (W.)
Hogan, Patrick88th New York$5.00Malvern Hill (W.)
Hughes, Owen88th New York$5.00Disability
Hyde, Michael88th New York$2.00Fair Oaks (W.)
Hyland, Joseph88th New York$3.00North Anna (W.)
Johnston, Edward88th New York$2.00Fredericksburg (W.)
Joyce, Charles88th New York$5.00Gettysburg (W.)
Kane, James88th New York$10.00
Kane, John88th New York$1.00
Keating, William88th New York$2.00Fredericksburg (W.), Gettysburg (W.), Petersburg (W.)
Keegan, John88th New York$5.00Fredericksburg (W.), Chancellorsville (W.)
Keifer, Jacob88th New York$1.00Totopotomoy (W.)
Kellegher, P.88th New York$2.00
Kelly, Denis88th New York$3.00Bristoe Station (W.)
Kelly, Patrick88th New York$20.00Petersburg (K.I.A.)
Kennedy, John88th New York$2.00Chancellorsville (P.O.W.), Deserted
Kilcoyne, John88th New York$3.00Fair Oaks (W.), Petersburg (W.)
Kiernan, Francis88th New York$1.00
Larkin, Michael88th New York$1.00
Leahy, Hugh88th New York$1.00Disability
Leary, Daniel88th New York$1.00Weldon Railroad (P.O.W.)
Ledwich, James88th New York$1.00Deserted
Lenehan, Francis88th New York$2.00Gettysburg (W.)
Lenihan, Daniel88th New York$1.00Fredericksburg (W.)
Leonard, Dennis88th New York$5.00Cold Harbor (W.)
Linehan, Michael88th New York$1.00
Lynch, Thomas88th New York$5.00Deserted
Lynn, Michael88th New York$1.00(W.)
Madigan, John88th New York$10.00
Maher, James88th New York$2.00Deserted
Maher, William88th New York$2.00Deserted
Marion, James88th New York$3.00
Martin, James88th New York$5.00
McAuliffe, Lawrence88th New York$1.00Antietam (W.)
McBride, J.88th New York$2.00Gettysburg (K.I.A.)
McCain, Alex88th New York$2.00
McCarthy, James88th New York$1.00Gettysburg (W.)
McConnell, John88th New York$1.00
McCormick, Hugh88th New York$1.00
McDonald, Michael88th New York$2.00Chancellorsville (K.I.A.)
McDonald, Thomas88th New York$5.00
McDonnald, Ross88th New York$2.00Fredericksburg (W.), Spotsylvania (K.I.A.)
McDonnell, John88th New York$1.00
McFadden, John88th New York$1.00Antietam (W.), Deserted
McGlynn, Timothy88th New York$3.00
McGowan, John88th New York$1.00Deep Bottom (W.), Deserted
McGowan, John88th New York$1.00
McGrane, Michael88th New York$5.00
McKenna, Alexander88th New York$1.00Deserted
McKenna, Patrick88th New York$1.00Disability
McNally, Bernard88th New York$1.00
McNally, John88th New York$3.00Antietam (W.)
McNamara, Patrick88th New York$3.00Chancellorsville (W.)
Meehan, Patrick88th New York$1.00Antietam (W.), Chancellorsville (W.)
Meighan, John88th New York$5.00
Mitchell, Samuel88th New York$1.00Fredericksburg (W.), Deserted
Monahan, John88th New York$1.00Deserted
Morton, John88th New York$2.00Antietam (W.)
Murphy, Patrick88th New York$1.00Savage Station (W.)
Murray, Patrick88th New York$2.00
Murray, Timothy J.88th New York$10.00Gettysburg (W.), Deserted
Nevin, James88th New York$1.00
Noonan, John88th New York$1.00Fredericksburg (W.), Gettysburg (W.)
O’Brien, Cornelius88th New York$5.00
O’Brien, Patrick88th New York$1.00
O’Brien, Thomas H.88th New York$20.00Fredericksburg (W.)
O’Brien, William McMahon88th New York$20.00
O’Connor, John88th New York$3.00Deserted
O’Connor, James9th NY State Militia
O’Connor, William88th New York$10.00(W.)
O’Connor, William J.88th New York$10.00Fredericksburg (W.), Spotsylvania (W.)
O’Donnell, John88th New York$1.00
O’Dowyer, Joseph88th New York$1.00
O’Hara, Joseph88th New York$2.00Fredericksburg (W.), Deserted
O’Keefe, David88th New York$1.00
O’Neill, Patrick88th New York$5.00Fredericksburg (W.), Deserted
O’Neill, William88th New York$1.00Deserted
Philbin, Owen88th New York$1.00
Polester, Herman88th New York$2.00Deserted
Powell, Richard88th New York$20.00
Quinlan, Patrick88th New York$2.00Gettysburg (W.)(P.O.W.), Disability
Radford, Thomas88th New York$2.00
Reilly, Thomas88th New York$1.00Gettysburg (W.)
Reilly, Thomas88th New York$2.00Gettysburg (P.O.W.), Spotsylvania (K.I.A.)
Renshaw, D.88th New York$10.00
Reynolds, Michael88th New York$10.00Deserted
Reilly, Owen88th New York$1.00Deserted
Roach, Garrett88th New York$2.00Petersburg (P.O.W.)
Roach, Thomas88th New York$1.00
Rodgers, William88th New York$5.00
Roe, James88th New York$13.00Deserted
Roland, James88th New York$5.00
Ryan, John88th New York$3.00Chancellorsville (K.I.A.)
Ryan, Patrick88th New York$1.00Chancellorsville (W.)
Ryder, Patrick88th New York$20.00Fredericksburg (W.), Wilderness (K.I.A.)
Salmon, Charles88th New York$5.00
Scott, Joseph88th New York$1.00
Sexton, Patrick88th New York$2.00Fredericksburg (W.), Chancellorsville (P.O.W.)
Shanley, Michael88th New York$3.00
Shea, James88th New York$2.00
Shea, John88th New York$10.00Petersburg (W.)
Sheridan, Thomas88th New York$2.00Chancellorsville (P.O.W.)
Skehan, Patrick88th New York$2.00Deserted
Small, John88th New York$2.00Gettysburg (K.I.A.)
Smith, Hugh88th New York$1.00Disability
Smith, Patrick88th New York$5.00Chancellorsville (W.), Gettysburg (W.)
Smith, Thomas88th New York$5.00
Southwell, Henry88th New York$5.00
Sparks, John88th New York$10.00Savage Station (W.)
Sullivan, Michael88th New York$1.00Deserted
Sweeney, James88th New York$3.00Fredericksburg (W.)
Tevnan, Mark88th New York$1.00Antietam (W.), Gettysburg (W.)
Tighe, William H.88th New York$1.00Glendale (W.), Disability
Tobin, James88th New York$1.00
Tracey, Patrick88th New York$1.00Fredericksburg (W.), Chancellorsville (W.)(P.O.W.)
Trainor, Thomas88th New York$1.00
Tuomy, Thomas88th New York$3.00Stevensburg (D.)
Walker, Eneas88th New York$5.00Weldon Railroad (P.O.W.)
Wall, Maurice W.88th New York$20.00
Wallace, John88th New York$1.00Petersburg (P.O.W.)
Walsh, John88th New York$2.00
Walsh, William J.88th New York$2.00
Webster, John88th New York$5.00
White, James88th New York$1.00
Woods, Bernard88th New York$1.00Gettysburg (P.O.W.)
Allen, Thomas94th New York$1.00June 1864 (P.O.W.)
Ball, John94th New York$1.00Five Forks (K.I.A.)
Barry, John94th New York$1.00
Bates, Jacob94th New York$1.00
Boyce, Richard94th New York$1.00
Boyne, Richard94th New York$2.00Five Forks (K.I.A.)
Brennan, Edward94th New York$1.00Deserted
Burns, James H.94th New York$1.00
Calvin, John94th New York$0.50Disability
Canty, James94th New York$1.00Weldon Railroad (P.O.W.)
Carey, Calvin G.94th New York$1.00Gettysburg (W.)
Carroll, Peter94th New York$1.00Weldon Railroad (P.O.W.), Salisbury (D.D.)
Chamberlain, David C.94th New York$2.00
Clemens, William94th New York$0.50Weldon Railroad (P.O.W.)
Congor, Edward94th New York$0.50
Connors, Patrick94th New York$1.00
Curtain, Jefferson94th New York$2.00
Coyle, Patrick94th New York$2.00Petersburg (W.)
Croaker, Albert94th New York$2.00Weldon Railroad (P.O.W.)
Creelie, Thomas94th New York$1.00
Daly, Charles90th Pennsylvania$1.00
Delaney, Michael94th New York$1.00
Donohue, Michael94th New York$1.00
Donovan, William94th New York$2.00Deserted
Fitzgerald, John R.94th New York$5.00Weldon Railroad (P.O.W.), Point Lookout (D.)
French, George94th New York$5.001864 (P.O.W.), Five Forks (K.I.A.)
Friend, A94th New York$1.00
Galvin, Michael94th New York$1.00Weldon Railroad (P.O.W.)
Graham, Owen94th New York$1.00
Haggerty, John94th New York$1.00
Hayes, E.94th New York$1.00
Heary, Matthew94th New York$1.00
Hickey, M.94th New York$5.00
Howell, John94th New York$1.00
Jacobs, Michael94th New York$1.00Deserted
Johnson, John94th New York$3.00Court-martialled
Keefe, Thomas12th Massachusetts$2.00Wilderness (P.O.W.)
Kerns, James94th New York$2.00
King, John94th New York$2.00
Kinsella, William94th New York$1.00Gettysburg (W.)
Mackey, Alexander94th New York$1.00Deserted
Mangan, James94th New York$1.00
Mapey, William94th New York$1.00
McArdle, James94th New York$1.00Weldon Railroad (P.O.W.)
McCullagh, P.94th New York$1.00
McDonald, Robert94th New York$1.00Weldon Railroad (P.O.W.)
McGlinn, Francis94th New York$1.00
McGuire, John94th New York$1.00
McKee, Robert94th New York$1.00Deserted
McKendry, William94th New York$2.00Gettysburg (K.I.A.)
McKenna, Charles94th New York$2.00Gettysburg (W.)
McLarney, John94th New York$1.00June 1864 (W.)
McMahon, John94th New York$10.00Gettysburg (P.O.W.)
McMaster, Charles94th New York$1.00Petersburg (W.)
McMackin, James94th New York$1.00
McQuickin, H.94th New York$1.00
Mulligan, Patrick94th New York$1.00Deserted
Nichols, Alexander94th New York$0.50
O’Donnell, John94th New York$1.00
O’Donoghue, Florence94th New York$1.00
Pringle, George94th New York$1.00
Rattigan, James94th New York$1.00Gettysburg (K.I.A.)
Rogers, J.H.94th New York$1.00
Rooney, James94th New York$1.00
Sard, Thomas P.94th New York$1.00
Slattery, Michael94th New York$2.00Weldon Railroad (W.), Disability
Sullivan, John94th New York$1.00
Sullivan, Patrick94th New York$2.00
Sunman, Thomas94th New York$1.00
Taylor, Steadman94th New York$1.00
Thrasher, George94th New York$1.00Deserted
Turim, Daniel94th New York$1.00
Whalen, Daniel94th New York$1.00
Winn, Patrick94th New York$1.00
Galvin, JamesRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$5.00
Walsh, Patrick K.Rosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$5.00
Gilmore, JohnRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$5.00
Molony, JohnRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$3.00
Quigley, ThomasRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$3.00
Glennan, EdwardRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$3.00
Finnegan, JohnRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$3.00
Healy, PatrickRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$2.50
Higgins, JohnRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$2.00
Falvey, TimRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$2.00
Sullivan, MichaelRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$2.00
Lynch, PatrickRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$2.00
Dirr, MichaelRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$2.00
Noon, MichaelRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$2.00
Shaughnessy, RobertRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$2.00
O’Neill, ThomasRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$2.00
Burke, JohnRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$2.00
Lynch, HughRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$2.00
Dolan, JohnRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$2.00
Lee, GarrettRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$2.00
Gately, ThomasRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$2.00
Lynch, LawrenceRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$2.00
Conroy, WilliamRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$2.00
Otis, ThomasRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$2.00
Otis, MichaelRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$2.00
Myers, ThomasRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$2.00
Finn, JohnRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$1.00
Lynch, JamesRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$1.00
Cuddy, JohnRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$1.00
Private DonationRosecrans’ Telegraph Builders$12.00

Table 3. Individuals who contributed to the Relief Fund and their ultimate fate.

Key: (W.)- Wounded; (D.)- Died; Disability- Discharged for Disability; (K.I.A.)- Killed in Action; (M.W.)- Mortally Wounded; (P.O.W.)- Prisoner of War; (M.I.A.)- Missing in Action; (D.D.)- Died of Disease.


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