Report of Major John Beattie, One Hundred and Sixty-Fourth New York Infantry.

Hdqrs. 164th Regiment New York Volunteers, August 9, 1864.

Fifth Epoch.

The march from Cold Harbor across the Chickahominy to the James, the crossing of that river, and the march to the front of Petersburg, although the most fatiguing of the campaign, the men being without rations, was performed in good order.

Participated in the assault of the 16th, losing 1 officer and 42 men killed, wounded, and missing; threw up earth-works during the night, which we occupied the 17th. Casualties during the day, 4 men wounded. The 18th we formed support to an assaulting column of the Third Division, Second Corps; our loss, 2 men wounded.  Participated in all the movements of the Second Corps to the extreme left of our lines.  22d, formed support to the Second Division, and afterward participated in the assault to retake the works taken by the enemy in the morning; our loss, 2 officers and 8 men. 23d, advanced and carried the works and occupied them during the day; our loss, 4 wounded.

From June 24 to July 26 we were employed building and demolishing breast-works and fortifications, skirmishing, and doing picket duty. Participated in all the movements in which the corps was engaged from before Petersburg to the crossing of the James. While there were engaged as skirmishers and doing picket duty.

The withdrawal from the James River to the return before Petersburg July 30 was performed in good order. Were engaged as support to a portion of the Eighteenth Corps in the assault upon the enemy’s position July 30, 1864.

John Beattie,

Major, Commanding Regiment.

Captain William A. La Motte,

Assistant Adjutant-General.

Source: Official Records Series 1, Volume 40 (Part 1). Chapter 52, pp. 380