I recently had an opportunity to return to the Irish Stew Podcast for a really interesting discussion with show hosts Martin and John. This episode was a four-way conversation that looked not only at our work on the Andersonville Irish Project, but also that of Professor Jim Walsh on the 19th century Irish miners of Leadville, Colorado. There was a lot of crossover in what we are finding out in our respective projects, and I thought it made for a really interesting discussion. If you would like to listen back to it, you can find the podcast episode by clicking here or at the link below. I hope you enjoy it!

S3E3: Jim Walsh & Damian Shiels – Unearthing Diaspora History

How much of our history would remain buried if not for a few intrepid explorers of the past? In this episode we explore little known Irish diaspora stories buried in cemeteries over 1,300 miles apart in Colorado and Georgia. Drawing on his research of an abandoned cemetery high in the Rocky Mountains, historian Prof.