Report of Colonel Samuel B. Hayman, Thirty-Seventh New York Infantry.

Hdqrs. Thirty-Seventh New York Volunteers,

Richardson’s Brigade, November 13, 1861.

Captain: In compliance with the general’s direction, I have the honor to report that I left this camp on the morning of the 12th instant at 3 o’clock, and followed the brigade in rear of the Fifth Michigan Volunteers until reaching the cross-road leading to Accotink Village. Here I was assigned the command of the Third Michigan, under the immediate command of Lieutenant-Colonel Stevens; a battery of Rhode Island artillery, under command of Captain Randolph, and a squad of cavalry, in addition to my own regiment, and instructed to proceed to the rear of Pohick Church. I directed Lieutenant-Colonel Burke, of the Thirty-seventh New York, to deploy skirmishers to his front and right and to march in advance. The Rhode Island Battery followed the Thirty-seventh and the Third Michigan. My command followed the cross-road to Accotink Village, where I procured a guide, who conducted it within half a mile of its destination, when, becoming suspicious of his good faith, I ordered Lieutenant O’Beirne, of the Thirty-seventh New York, to reconnoiter the road. Just as he rendered his report an order reached me from the general to join him by the road leading to the front of the church. On reaching the church I was ordered to proceed with my own regiment and a few cavalry on the Colchester road, in the direction of Occoquan River, “to feel the enemy’s pickets’ if fired upon, to return and not to cross the stream.” I followed the road to Occoquan without finding an enemy, and then returned to Pohick Church and thence to my camp.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

S. B. Hayman,

Colonel Thirty-seventh Regiment, Commanding.

Captain J. M. Norvell,

Assistant Adjutant-General, Richardson’s Brigade.