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The Brierwood Pipe by Winslow Homer, 1864. This depicts the 165th New York's sister regiment, the 5th New York, but their uniforms were almost identical (Cleveland Museum of Art CVL491292)


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  • Buck Mountain, where John O'Donnell spent time working as a coal miner (Image: Jakec)

Hearing the Voices of 19th Century Emigrants: A Case Study of Pension File Affidavits

Regular readers will be familiar with my use of the Widows and Dependents Pension Files housed in the National Archives...
August 14, 2017
  • The Midnight Storm (JP Davis)

A Newly Uncovered Letter from the “Angel of Andersonville”

On 26th October 1861 Kerry native Andy Moriarty made his way to Fort Leavenworth to join the United States Regulars....
August 9, 2017

Visualizing the Impact of the American Civil War on a Manx Family

As regular readers will be aware, I occasionally take the opportunity to explore some non-Irish emigrant stories on the site....
August 1, 2017