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'Fire!' One of the most popular events of the day as 'The Lilly' booms out across Kinsale Harbour

Calling Them Home: The Pards at Charles Fort, Co. Cork

Although American Civil War reenactors are a common sight in the United States, such groups are extremely thin on the ground in Ireland. However, one organisation is notable for their regular appearances in the blue and gray around the country, helping to educate the public about the Irish contribution to the conflict. Known as ‘The […]

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Civil War Soldiers Visit Kinsale

As part of Irish National Heritage Week, Charles Fort in Kinsale is hosting the ‘Calling Them Home’ military reenactment show. Among the main participants are The PARDS, an American Civil War reenactment group from Ireland. The show will run from 12.00 to 17.00 on Saturday and Sunday the 28th and 29th August, and admission is […]

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The bayonet charge of the 69th Pennsylvania at Glendale as portrayed in McDermott's

69th Pennsylvania Marker at Glendale

The Battle of Glendale was fought on June 30th 1862 during the Seven Days Battles in Virginia, when Confederate forces attacked their Federal counterparts as part of the Peninsula Campaign. Among the Union troops that day were the 69th Pennsylvania ‘Irish Volunteers’ who on June 26th next will have their service at the battle honoured […]

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Civil War Soldiers Visit Leopardstown

Leopardstown Park Hospital in Dublin is holding a fund-raising Military Vehicle & Re-enactment Show on Saturday and Sunday the 5th and 6th of June. The event, entitled ‘Dad’s Army’ will run from 10.oo to 18.00 and will include Roman, Viking, Napoleonic, World War One and World War Two re-enactors, as well as those recreating the […]

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