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American Civil War Recruitment Poster for The Phoenix Regiment (Civil War Treasures from the New York Historical Society, via Library of Congress

Federal Recruitment of Irish Militiamen during the American Civil War

Will Butler is currently undertaking research on the Irish amateur military tradition in the British Army between 1854 and 1945. As he explains below, Will has come across intriguing evidence for the efforts of Federal recruiters to tap into this manpower pool in Ireland, as they sought to augment Union armies during the Civil War. […]

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Cobh (formerly Queenstown), Co. Cork. Major emigration port, location of Confederate spies, and port where the USS Kearsarge was accused of illegally recruiting British citizens

Keeping Memory Alive of the Irish in the American Civil War

One of the key aims of this site is the promotion of awareness in Ireland regarding the extent of Irish involvement in the American Civil War. Although well known in the United States, the defining influence this conflict had on hundreds of thousands of Irish in America remains virtually unknown in Ireland. There is perhaps […]

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A New Domain Name

After some thought I have decided to take the plunge and get a domain name for Irish in the American Civil War. The site address is now www.irishamericancivilwar.com. For any of you who have subscribed to receive posts these will still come to you, and all old links will still operate correctly. Indeed nothing should change […]

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Thomas Plunkett

Medal of Honor: Sergeant Thomas Plunkett, 21st Massachusetts Infantry

This second post exploring the stories of Irish born Medal of Honor winners focuses on Sergeant Thomas Plunkett of the 21st Massachusetts Infantry. He received his award for actions at the Battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia on 13th December 1862, when he participated in the fateful Union charge against the Confederate positions on Marye’s Heights. Irishman […]

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Archaeologists Locate Camp Lawton

Recent days have brought news that archaeologists from Georgia Southern University led by Kevin Chapman have located the site of Camp Lawton in Georgia. The prison camp held Union soldiers for just six weeks before its abandonment in November 1864,  as General William Tecumseh Sherman and his army closed in. As the camp’s location was previously […]

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A Long-lived Confederate Irishman

The October 1909 issue of the Confederate Veteran tells the story of Tommy Campbell, and Irishman who had been discharged from the largely Irish 5th Confederate Infantry Regiment in 1862 as overage. This proved to be a very poor decision, as the original article (below) indicates; Tommy was still alive and well in Tennessee 47 […]

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Irish in the American Civil War

Hello and welcome to this new blog dedicated to exploring Irish involvement in the American Civil War. Although the Irish aspect to the conflict is widely recognised in the United States, it is surprisingly little studied in Ireland itself. This blog is intended to discuss different aspects of the American Civil War from an Irish […]

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