I have authored or co-authored a number of books relating to Irish history and archaeology, including two dealing specifically with aspects of the Irish in the United States. They are The Irish in the American Civil War (The History Press Ireland, 2013) and The Forgotten Irish: Irish Emigrant Experiences in America (The History Press Ireland, 2016). Both are available in Europe and the United States. Perhaps the greatest endorsement for my writing comes from legendary pop-icon Cher, who when asked in an interview what book she was the reading gave to following response:

“I’m currently reading…The Irish in the American Civil War by Damian Shiels. It’s really interesting.” – CHER, POP MUSIC ICON

In addition to my books concentrating on the Irish diaspora, I have been involved in a number of other publications. During my time with Rubicon Heritage Services I was commissioned by Cork County Council to write a book on the history of the Irish Revolutionary-era in Cork, Heritage Centenary Sites of Rebel County Cork (Cork County Council, 2016). I have also served as an editor for a number of archaeological publications and e-books, such as A Journey Along the Carlow Corridor (Wordwell, 2015), A Guide to the Excavations at Love Lodge Farm, Ffairfach, Carmarthenshire and Guide to the Excavations at Ardreigh, Co. Kildare. Cork County Council have made my book for them freely available online, and you can access it by clicking on the image below.

I have contributed papers and chapters on a range of historical and archaeological topics in a number of other books, detailed below:

(with Teresa Bolger, Abby Mynett, Claudia Tommasino Suárez and Dr. Scott Timpany) ‘A Medieval Stud Farm? Economy and Subsistence at Mullamast’ in T Bolger (ed.) Colonising a Royal Landscape: The History and Archaeology of a Medieval Village at Mullamast, Co. Kildare, Wordwell, 2017



‘Widows and dependent parents American Civil War pension files: A new source for the Irish emigrant experience’ in C Reilly (ed.) The Famine Irish: Emigration and the Great Hunger, The History Press Ireland, 2016




‘Place versus memory: forgetting Ireland’s sites of independence?’ in L Godson & J Brück (eds.) Making 1916: The Material and Visual Culture of the Easter Rising, Liverpool University Press, 2015




 The long arm of war: Exploring the nineteenth century Ulster emigrant experience through American Civil War pension files’ in P Fitzgerald, C Kinealy & G Moran (eds.) Irish Hunger & Emigration: Myth, Memory and Memorialization, Quinnipiac University Press, 2015



‘Continuity and change in the medieval and post medieval landscape’ in T Bolger T, D Shiels & C Moloney (eds.) A Journey Along the ‘Carlow Corridor’: The Archaeology of the M9 Carlow Bypass, Wordwell, 2015 



‘Reconstructing battlefield landscapes’ in T Barry & V McAlister (eds.) Space and Settlement in Medieval Ireland, Four Courts Press, 2015




‘Witnesses to history: A military assemblage from the 1691 Aughrim battlefield’ in B Kelly, N Roycroft & M Stanley (eds.) Fragments of Lives Past: Archaeological Objects from Irish Road Schemes, Wordwell, 2014




‘The military finds’ in C Manning (ed.) Clogh Oughter Castle, Co. Cavan: Archaeology, History and Architecture, Government Stationery Office, 2013




(with Dr. Mark Clinton and Dr. Linda Fibiger)Excavations at Carrickmines Castle, Carrickmines Great’, ‘The history of the 1642 siege of Carrickmines Castle’ and ‘The archaeology of the 1642 siege of Carrickmines Castle’ in C Corlett (ed.) Unearthing the Archaeology of Dún Laoghaire- Rathdown, Wordwell, 2013




(with Dr. Mark Clinton and Dr. Linda Fibiger) ‘The Carrickmines mass grave and the siege of 1642’ in D Edwards, P Lenihan & C Tait (eds.) Age of Atrocity: Violent Death & Political Conflict in Ireland 1547-1650, Four Courts Press, 2007




‘Fort and field: The potential for battlefield archaeology in Kinsale’ in H Morgan (ed.) The Battle of Kinsale, Wordwell, 2004

Aside from the books I have been involved with, I have also published papers and articles in various other settings from peer-reviewed journals to popular magazines. A complete list is available by clicking here.