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Fort Union National Monument, New Mexico as it appears today (National Park Service via Wikimedia Commons)

Exploring St. Patrick’s Day, 1866 in the “Wild West” – 150 Years Ago

Every year on the site we explore an aspect of the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the 19th century United States. Previous posts have examined topics such as the great festival organised by the Irish Brigade in 1863 (see here) and the participants and pageantry surrounding the New York St. Patrick’s Day parade in 1864 (see here). This year […]

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'St. Patrick's Day in America, 1874' (Library of Congress)

‘Flags of Old Ireland for One Cent!’ and ‘All’s right- Dad’s Sober’: New York’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, 1864

What was St. Patrick’s Day like 150 years ago? What type of groups marched in the Parade, and what types of imagery did they use? We are fortunate that the full line up of the 1864 New York Parade survives, together with detailed descriptions of the dress and banners of each Society. What emerges is […]

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St. Patrick's Day in the Army- Jumping the Ditch by Ediwn Forbes (Library of Congress)

150 Years Ago Today: St. Patrick’s Day in the Army of the Potomac

I wrote a piece this week for, Ireland’s main online news website. The theme was the St. Patrick’s Day festivities in the Army of the Potomac on 17th March 1863, which occurred 150 years ago today. In addition I hoped to raise awareness among Irish people of the scale of Irish involvement in the conflict, and […]

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The Irish Brigade Mule Race on St. Patrick's Day 1863 as drawn by Edwin Forbes (Library of Congress)

St. Patrick’s Day in the Irish Brigade: Petersburg, 17th March 1865

The Irish Brigade celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day in 1863 are the most famous from the period of the American Civil War, recorded as they were by a number of writers and in a series of wonderful illustrations by Edwin Forbes. But what of festivities in honour of the Irish patron saint in other years? We […]

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