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'Fire!' One of the most popular events of the day as 'The Lilly' booms out across Kinsale Harbour

Calling Them Home: The Pards at Charles Fort, Co. Cork

Although American Civil War reenactors are a common sight in the United States, such groups are extremely thin on the ground in Ireland. However, one organisation is notable for their regular appearances in the blue and gray around the country, helping to educate the public about the Irish contribution to the conflict. Known as ‘The […]

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Soldiers & Chiefs Exhibition National Museum of Ireland, with display inspired by the Lieutenant McCarthy letter

The Soldiers and Chiefs Exhibition

The National Museum of Ireland at Collins Barracks is home to a major award-winning exhibition on the Irish military experience. Entitled Soldiers and Chiefs: The Irish at War at Home and Abroad from 1550, it consists of a number of galleries which explore the topic from an Irish perspective both thematically and chronologically. Amongst the […]

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