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Democratic Party Poster for the 1864 election supporting McClellan and Pendleton (Image via Wikipedia)

McClellan or Lincoln? An Irish-American View of the 1864 Presidential Election

Today citizens of the United States go to the polls to elect their President. In that context it is interesting to look back at the key 1864 Presidential election, when the fundamental future direction of the country was at stake. Republican¬†incumbent President¬†Abraham Lincoln was being challenged by Democratic candidate George McClellan, and for a long […]

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President Abraham Lincoln and Hugh McLaughlin’s Pay

American Civil War soldiers would often have to go months without receiving their pay, a state of affairs they could do little about while away at the front. The 26th December 1895 issue of The National Tribune relates the story of one Irishman who took extraordinary steps to secure what he was owed. Finding himself […]

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Hunting John Wilkes Booth: The Man Who Led the Search for Lincoln’s Killer

The night of 14th April 1865 was one that Major James Rowan O’Beirne, Provost Marshal of the District of Columbia, would never forget. President Abraham Lincoln lay dying in William Petersen’s Boarding House, having been shot by John Wilkes Booth at Ford’s Theatre. Secretary of State William Seward had been stabbed in his own home, […]

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General James Shields during the Civil War

The Duel That Almost Changed History: James Shields Challenges Abraham Lincoln

History is filled with ‘what if’ moments, those occasions where a slightly different result or outcome may have radically altered history as we know it. One such moment occurred on 22nd September 1842, when Co. Tyrone native James Shields prepared to face a fellow Illinois politician in a duel. Shields’ opponent had selected swords as […]

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