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The Squire Bottom House, Perryville. The 5th Confederate and 10th Ohio were engaged near here (Photo: Hal Jespersen)

The Irish at Perryville: The 5th Confederate and 10th Ohio at the Squire Bottom Farm

The Battle of Perryville, Kentucky was the ‘high water mark’ of the Confederacy in the Western Theater. On 8th October 1862 Braxton Bragg’s Confederate Army of the Mississippi smashed into elements of Don Carlos Buell’s Union Army of the Ohio (mainly the I Corps), bringing on some of the most savage and confused fighting of […]

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Corporal Robert Coleman, the man who shot General McPherson

Who Shot General McPherson? The 5th Confederate at Bald Hill

Near Atlanta on the afternoon of the 22nd of July 1864, General James Birdseye McPherson, Union Commander of the Army of the Tennessee, was in a hurry. He had just been proved right- despite the doubts of General Sherman, he had feared a Confederate attack on his position, and that attack was now in full […]

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Corporal Robert Coleman, the man who shot General McPherson

Memphis Irishmen at Chickamauga

The 5th Confederate Infantry were a unit formed mainly from the Irish of Memphis. They were created in May 1862 as a result of the consolidation of the 2nd (Knox-Walker’s) Tennessee Infantry and the 21st Tennessee Infantry, following the Battle of Shiloh. In 1863 they were temporarily consolidated with the 3rd Confederate Infantry (which also […]

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Major Person, 5th Confederate Regiment

A Long-lived Confederate Irishman

The October 1909 issue of the Confederate Veteran tells the story of Tommy Campbell, and Irishman who had been discharged from the largely Irish 5th Confederate Infantry Regiment in 1862 as overage. This proved to be a very poor decision, as the original article (below) indicates; Tommy was still alive and well in Tennessee 47 […]

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