It has been a good few weeks for books dealing with Irish emigration and the service of British and Irish immigrants in the U.S. military. Catherine took to H-Environment to review Stephen Puleo’s Voyage of Mercy: The USS Jamestown, the Irish Famine, and the Remarkable Story of America’s First Humanitarian Mission, which tells the story of that U.S. Navy mission to provide succor to the starving Irish during the Great Famine. I had an opportunity to take a look at The Bonds of War: A Story of Immigrants and Esprit de Corps in Company C, 96th Illinois Volunteer Infantry by Diana Dretske for the Civil War Monitor. Diana’s book is a fantastic micro-history of a group of Scottish, English and Irish immigrants who went to war together. Both of these reviews are free to read online, you can find Catherine’s review on H-Environment here and my review on Civil War Monitor here. We hope you enjoy them!