As part of our current restructuring of the Irish in the American Civil War project, we are pleased to announce we are welcoming guest contributions from our followers and anyone interested in publishing on the website. As we expand the range of topics we discuss relating to the Irish American Civil War experience, and to long nineteenth Irish American history and studies, we encourage regular contributors and guest authors to submit blog pieces (single or a series), reviews, writings, research, and engaging content. Our Associate Editors Catherine and Brendan, and Managing Editor Damian welcome guest post proposals – if you want to contribute to the site then please do get in touch with us and share your ideas. Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested in contributing to our work as well. We’ll also help you with the submission process. We have compiled submission guidelines, which we have copied below for you to see. These guidelines have full details for guest contributors, and we urge you to look at these before getting in touch with us. Keep these writing recommendations in mind when you plan your submission, and if you have any questions just ask. Take a look over our blogs to see what we have done before, and feel free to share new ideas. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Guest Post Writing Guidelines 

We welcome guest posts from those researching, working, studying, and interested in the broad history and studies covered by the work of the Irish in the American Civil War project. We encourage guest posts from non-academics, independent researchers, and academics at any stage of their career. We publish on a wide variety of topics and subjects related to the Irish experience of the Civil War and in the nineteenth century predominantly. Please make sure you are familiar with our work and areas of focus, and see whether your proposed piece’s subject has appeared in posts before you submit your idea. 

We advise individual blog posts are kept shorter rather than longer (no more than 1,300-1,500 words), but we are also happy to consider longer articles (within reason) and serialize larger writings over a number of postings. Please consult with the editorial team first if you wish to write a longer piece that will carry over more than one post. We request that footnoted references are included where necessary – please see other posts on the site for an idea of how we do general referencing. Please submit proposed blog pieces as Word documents (.doc or .docx). The Managing Editor and Associate Editors reserve the right to edit and alter posts in consultation with the guest author. We also reserve the right to not publish and to decline pieces outright. 

As you will have seen on the website, we seek to illustrate posts with a wide variety of photographs and images as much as possible. Proposed submissions are welcome to include images, or this can be done after editing consolation. Any images submitted to a contribution post should be of good resolution quality, and obtain permission for reproduction so as not to cause copyright issues. We can also post public domain images. All images much be cited appropriately as per normal referencing standards mentioned above. Irish in the American Civil War embraces social media fully, so we would also be happy to include our writers’ public personal social media, personal blogs, and/or links to other pages (including Twitter and Facebook) in the contributed post. 

The editorial team are friendly, respectful, and always curious to hear new ideas and forge new relationships within the American Studies community. We’re eager to collaborate, so please feel free to email us with any questions you may have. If you are unsure about the suitability of your idea, please don’t hesitate to discuss your post ideas with us first. If you wish to contribute please contact our editors at with your idea or a complete post.