After a decade of writing, I have finally bitten the bullet and taken the time to create a global one-page index for everything that has been published on the site. On the new Index Page you will find in excess of 700 referenced articles and resources listed. To go directly to any given post, just click on the hyperlinked article or resource title. To ease review, the individual articles have been further seperated into a series of categories under the following headings: Pages; Battles & Units; Case Studies & Analysis; Cemeteries; Discussion & Debate; Guest Posts; Letters & Documents; Microhistory; Military History (Famine Era); Military History (Other); Native Americans & African Americans; News, Multimedia & Events; Pension Files; Profiles; Resources; Social History (Famine Era); Social History (Other); Transatlantic Connections; Visualisations & Mapping; Widows in the Atlantic World; Women’s History. I am hoping that this will make the site more user-friendly for visitors, particularly those who wish to make use of my material for educational or research purposes. You can access the new Index by clicking on the “Index” tab in the topbar, or via this link. Please feel free to share it widely.