As regular readers are aware, I am consistently pointing out that for many Irish counties the American Civil War saw more men fight and die than any other conflict in modern history, including the First World War. One county for whom this is certainly true is Donegal.

A contributing factor to the lack of recognition of the Civil War’s impact in Ireland is the fact that it is so difficult to locate precisely where Civil War veterans were from. In a recent post I brought details of a new project I hope to develop with Ireland Reaching Out, an effort to “crowd-source” the identification of some of these locations. You can find out more about that here. Prior to that, and in an effort to test-out the potential of this initiative, I have been developing an interactive map plotting individuals associated with the American Civil War from one Irish county– Donegal. Currently I have information relating to more than 110 individuals plotted (See Working Screenshot above). This is now the most comprehensive map that has every been produced of American Civil War veterans from any Irish county. The great bulk of information is the product of my own research over the course of the last decade, but I have also been aided in recent days by public contributions, principally from descendants. I aim to make this map live towards the end of this month, to coincide with a talk on the American Civil War on 30 August on Arranmore Island in Co. Donegal. To that end, I wanted to make a final appeal to readers for any details they may have on Donegal men and women, Union or Confederate, who were involved in the conflict.

Many thousands of Donegal people served in the American Civil War, so there should be many more men and women to be included. In order to be incorporated into the map I need the individuals name, their unit of service, and their place of origin within Co. Donegal– just to note, county of origin alone is not sufficient to be included. I would be very appreciate if readers could spread the word far and wide within the Civil War and Irish genealogy communities to see what details may emerge. You can provide details either as a comment to this post, via the email irishamericancivilwar[at], via twitter @irishacw or on the Irish in the American Civil War Facebook page.

As an aside, I am also keen to hear from anyone who may have a place of origin within Donegal for Patrick Summerville Slevin, who was Brevetted a Brigadier-General for his services during the conflict. He is the highest ranking officer for which I have not been able to ascertain a location. His biography is as follows:

Born on 13th April 1815 in Co. Donegal. He became the Lieutenant-Colonel of the 100th Ohio Infantry which was organised in Toledo and mustered into service in September 1862, rising to command the regiment in May 1863. He was honorably discharged from the service on 30th November 1864 following wounds received at Atlanta. When not in the service he worked variously as a lawyer, U.S. Customs collector and a Methodist missionary. Slevin was breveted Brigadier-General of volunteers on 13th March 1865 for faithful and meritorious services. He died on 9th September 1894 in Toledo, Ohio, where he is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery (Section 41, Lot 176).

Thanks to everyone for their help and support!