There is only one week until our free tour of the 69th New York State Militia at the Battle of Bull Run. I have arrived Stateside, and will be spending this week researching Union Irish at the National Archives in Washington D.C. This weekend I have been on the trail of the 69th in the environs of the capital, and I am sharing a couple of those images below. If you are interested in coming along to the tour, it starts at the Stone Bridge at 9am on Saturday. For details check out Harry’s updates over at Bull Runnings, or the Facebook page for the tour here. As ever I will be concentrating on personal stories of the men and their families, and hope to share some that I have never aired before. Hopefully some of you can make it!

Healy Hall, a post-war building that is one of the dominant features of the Georgetown College campus. The 69th were billeted at Georgetown College following their arrival in the capital from Annapolis, and would remain here until advancing into Virginia (Damian Shiels)
The site of Fort Corcoran on Arlington Heights, Virginia. When the 69th advanced across the Potomac on the Aqueduct Bridge they constructed this fort and made it their camp. It was the base from which they advanced towards Bull Run, and it subsequently continued in use as part of the Washington Defences (Damian Shiels)
An area of dead ground not covered by Fort Corcoran necessitated the construction of a smaller outwork, which the 69th named Fort Haggerty. James Haggerty was Captain of Company A and served as acting Lieutenant-Colonel at Bull Run. He was the first member of the regiment to be killed in action (Damian Shiels)