Myles Dungan, a historian and broadcaster who has written a number of books about the Irish military experience, has once again teamed up with Matthew Gilsenan of the Celtic Tenors for ‘The Fighting Irish’, a show which tells the story of Irish migrants to America who sought employment with Uncle Sam in the American armed forces. The history of the Irish in the Mexican-American war, the U.S. Civil War, the Frontier Wars and First World War – with a slight detour for the Fenian invasions of Canada – is told in song and in story. Much loved Irish and American songs like  The Girl I left Behind Me, She is Far from the Land, The Rising of the Moon, the Battle Hymn of the Republic, and Dixie are used or adapted to convey the tragedy and humour, the triumph and failure of the Irishmen who fought for Uncle Sam. ‘The Fighting Irish’ shows at the Theatre Royal in Waterford on 20 September (see here) and the Mill Theatre in Dundrum on 23 September (see here). A video preview of the show is available here.