Following  the Young Irelander’s failed uprising in 1848, Thomas Francis Meagher was found guilty of high treason on 22nd October and was transported to Van Diemen’s Land. He was destined never to return to Ireland, instead escaping to the United States where he would later lead the Irish Brigade in the American Civil War. His home-town of Waterford never forgot their famous son, with frequent reminders of the General still to be seen throughout the city, as can be seen from these photographs.

Thomas Francis Meagher Memorial, The Mall, Waterford

Inscription on Thomas Francis Meagher Memorial

Granville Hotel, The Quays, Waterford, on site of Meagher's Birthplace

Wolfe Tone Club, 33 The Mall, Waterford, where Meagher first flew the Irish tricolour

Commemorative Plaque on 33 The Mall, Waterford

Derrynane House, 19 The Mall, Waterford, where Meagher grew up and was arrested

Derrynane House Plaque, 19 The Mall, Waterford

Thomas Francis Meagher Case, Waterford Treasures Museum

Meagher's Kearney Cross, Waterford Treasures Museum