During my career I have developed a wide-range of expertise in the heritage sector. This page briefly highlights some of my skill-sets across a number of areas, including public engagement, education, curation, media work, research and writing. If you would like to contact me in relation to any of these elements please email me at irishamericancivilwar@gmail.com.


Print Media

I have contributed regularly to both traditional and online print media in the form of feature pieces. Included among them are The Irish Times, thejournal.ie and the Irish Examiner, along with regional newspapers such as the Newcastle Chronicle. You can find links to some of those articles below. I have also been interviewed about my work for publications such as the Civil War Times and Ireland’s Military Story.



I am a regular contributor to radio, both local and national. I have frequently discussed historical and archaeological topics on all three of Ireland’s major national radio stations across a range of programming. Some of the major national shows I have been interview on are listed below. I have also regularly contributed to history podcasts, principally on the topic of the Irish in the American Civil War.

Morning Ireland

The History Show

The Business

The Last Word

The Pat Kenny Show


Talking History



In addition to being interviewed on historical and archaeological topics for programmes such as the RTE Six One News and Nationwide, I also make frequent contributions to television documentaries. These include programmes created for BBC, RTE, TV3, YLE and C-SPAN. A small selection of some of those I have contributed to can be seen below.

The Story of Ireland

After Bannockburn1

After Bannockburn2

Irish Castles

In the Name of the Republic

Holding Out For A Hero

Battle of Franklin Sesquicentennial

Nicholas Crane's Britannia




Soldiers & Chiefs Exhibition National Museum of Ireland, with display inspired by the Lieutenant McCarthy letter

I spent four years as a curator in the National Museum of Ireland, working as part of the curatorial team that devised, developed and produced Soldiers & Chiefs: The Irish at War at Home and Abroad from 1550 to the Present DayThis permanent exhibition, which covers 1700 sqm and contains more than 1000 objects, was judged best exhibition at the 2009 Museum Awards.





I have continued to assist with research and development for exhibitions. I curated and organised the Portraits: Women of Cork and the U.S.Navy 1917-1919 which is based on my work studying the Irish War Brides of First World War American servicemen. It has beeb displayed in the Sirius Arts Centre and Cork City Library.








I designed and curated the Medal of Honor exhibition on behalf of Irish Veterans for display at their gallery in Kinsale, Co. Cork. Utilising my research on Irish and Irish American recipients of the Medal, it charts Irish connections from the award’s inception through to the present day.






Lectures & Talks

I have developed lectures and talks for a wide array of groups, from local societies to national institutions in Ireland, Europe and the United States. In 2014 I delivered the Keynote for the State of Tennessee’s 150th anniversary commemorations of the Battle of Franklin. Over the years I have spoken at venues such as the National Museum of Ireland, National Library of Ireland, British Museum, Royal Armouries and National Archives. For a detailed list of my recent presentations see the Speaking page. Below is a recording of the Forgotten Irish event at the McGowan Theater in the U.S. National Archives, which took place in March 2017.




I have led numerous tours of sites associated with the Irish military experience, often preceded by a lecture-based educational element. These have included sites associated with the American Civil War, 16th and 17th century wars in Ireland, 19th and 20th century military defence, Conflict Archaeology, and the Irish Revolutionary Period. Aside from societies and military groups, I have also delivered bespoke tours to students from institutions such as the University of North Carolina, Middle Tennessee State University, the Catholic University of America and Augusta University.






For many years I have helped to develop history and heritage blogs and provide quality material for them. Although Irish in the American Civil War is my main focus, I have also devised and created the majority of content for the five sites below, which you can access by clicking on the images.